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Latest Slime Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Slime Tire Inflator Jr.

    Steve in MD

    versatile, small but the wires...

    Great pump to have on the road in the car or on my adventure bike. I give it four stars since the wire can't tuck inside the pump. I also feel I should handle it with some gentleness, I don't think it's super fragile but I wouldn't call it rugged either.

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  • Slime 56 Patches Box Kit

    Jon-Michael in IL

    Good Product, lives up to the Slime name.

    Purchased these Patches for the possible need on the trail for kids dirt bike tubes and we ended up needing them the next riding trip. Lives up to the Slime name, worked well and has continued to hold air. I will continue to use Slime products.

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  • Slime 4-Way Tool

    ROGER in NC

    Must have

    Must have if you change your own tires and tubes. 4 tools in one. Seem to disappear, might want to buy 2. Light weight aluminum but strong in this application.

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  • Slime Compact Tire Inflator


    Good, but Loud!

    Good little pump, works well and is compact, I like that it has a built in gauge, but it's pretty dang loud! I'd give it 5 stars, but it's much louder than you'd think it be for such a small pump!

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  • Slime Auto Compressor with Dial Gauge and LED Light

    JOE in MN

    Definitely worth it.

    Nice to have in the SXS . Compact. Great for the price.

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  • Slime Tire Sealant

    Gregory in CA

    Tubliss MC tire review

    This is a tire sealer, not a tube sealer so make sure your ordering the correct Slime product. Slime doesn't make the biggest claims in hole sizes it fixes. If anything, it under estimates them. It's a tried and true product. I'm a Tubliss user, I tried the other product that claims to seal up to 1/2". Might be a good product for an ATV tire but for a Tubliss MC tire, I can't recommend it. I use Slime in my install lubricant. Since I started using it instead of Tire Shine products, my Bridgestone X40s and X30s only leak about 1lb a month. Used to be a few each week. When I used the Flat Out-MaxiSeal, the larger fibers between the tire and Red Liner eventually dried out and completely failed to hold air after 500 miles. Stick with Slime. 2017 FE 350 18" and 21" Tubliss with over 17,000 miles

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