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  • Slime Tire Plug Kit

    Slime Tire Plug Kit

    Arcticpal in MS

    Already used

    Way better than the other inexpensive kits that are available.

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  • Slime 56 Patches Box Kit

    Slime 56 Patches Box Kit

    Christopher in VT

    Patches forever

    Patches forever I guess, I can not imagine using all of these patches before they disintegrate 50 years from now. great selection of sizes

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  • Slime Tire Top Off  Mini Compressor

    Slime Tire Top Off Mini Compressor

    Steve in MO

    Not the best. Not the worst

    I have owned one of these for about 4 years now. I keep this as well some tire repair items in a storage compartment on my Kingquad in case I ever get a flat on the trail. It's small size is a huge plus. Keep in mind this thing is SLOW. Not too bad airing up dirt bike tires but for bigger tires such as atv or utv, you're gonna wait a while. Something else that's frustrating is when I go to unscrew the compressor tube from the tire valve I loose air pressure from the tire. If I dont unscrew it fast enough I can easily drop 10 psi in just a couple seconds. I always inflate about 10 - 15 psi past of what I need, just quickly unscrew it & then drop down to the correct psi w/ my tire gauge. All in all it's just okay. If I ever have to buy a replacement I think I would look into other options. If none are available for the size I need / want I guess I would give this another shot. Hope this helps.

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  • Slime Sport Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

    Slime Sport Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

    dana in CA

    a must for the box

    it nice to know your wheel pressure, and with this you gauge you get a clear digital read

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  • Slime Replacement Tire Plugs

    Slime Replacement Tire Plugs

    Lance in NV

    You might need them one day

    Hope you don’t need but you’ll be happy to have it when you do

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  • Slime Air Compressor with Pressure Gauge

    Slime Air Compressor with Pressure Gauge

    Lance in NV

    Perfect compressor to carry with you

    Small and compact I always have it with me on my rides. Gets the job done every time

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