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  • SLP Clutch Cover Removal Tool

    SLP Clutch Cover Removal Tool

    Douglas in MT

    This tool a must for clutch cover removal

    There are a couple of bolts on my RZR clutch cover that would be more difficult to remove without the flexibility of the SLP Removal tool especially with the tire wheel still on.

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  • SLP Belt Removal/Clutch Compression Tool

    SLP Belt Removal/Clutch Compression Tool

    Michael in UT

    This tool is easier to use than what comes with the machine and was cheap enough I could justify adding it to my trail tool kit.

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  • SLP Aluminum Wheel Spacers

    SLP Aluminum Wheel Spacers

    Zachary in ID

    Great quality product. Wanted to get hubcentric spacers to ensure everything lined up perfect. These allowed me to run 27x11x12 on the rear with stock Polaris 6+2 wheels. Trimmed motor mount a small amount to ensure no contact. Overall width is 53” with the knobby tires.

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  • SLP Performance Slip-On Silencer

    SLP Performance Slip-On Silencer

    KIM in WY

    2014 RZR XP 1000 4

    Sounds good and it seemed to wake it up some as well. I like it a lot. Would definitely recommend it for the money.

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  • SLP Clutch Press Tool

    SLP Clutch Press Tool

    Randy in UT

    Works great. May take two people if you buy a heavy...

    Works great. May take two people if you buy a heavy Springs.

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  • SLP RZR Doors

    SLP RZR Doors

    James in ID

    Great doors

    Very nice low boy style door. Instalation was pretty easy with a video on YouTube from SLP. Easy to add a custom graphic. Great product, highly recommended.

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