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Latest SLP Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • SLP Sand, Mud or Larger Tires Clutch Kit

    Eric in OH

    Good upgrade at a good price and of quality

    I own a 2018 900s. I put 30"tires on after i roached the factories at Hatfield McCoy trails. I found this kit doing some research and of some problems afterwards. This kit cured 2 problems. First the annoying jumping of starting off is now gone!! 2nd is the rpm range where it now rides. It was a great addition that i cant wait to put some major miles on. Did it over the winter. Their utube video is spot on and easy to follow. Mechanic by trade. Yes i reccomend this kit!!

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  • SLP Belt Removal/Clutch Compression Tool

    Andrew in NV

    worth the money!

    Way better part than stock tool the machine come with. Wish i had this sooner!

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  • SLP Clutch Press Tool

    Jeff in CT

    It works

    Started doing my own clutches as I have three polaris units. Only used this once and it did what I wanted it to do.

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  • SLP Clutch Cover Removal Tool

    Edward in CA

    Work easier not harder.

    Works great! Just the right amount of flexibility to reach lower left side screws.

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  • SLP Performance Slip-On Silencer

    George in MO


    This thing was the worst thing I've put on my rzr it is annoyingly loud and sounds rattley and and obnoxious. I called rocky mountain and explained situation and just wanted an exchange for a super silent and I would pay difference they said they would have to prorate it on what ever they feel it's worth since I installed it it's used. I ordered shipping label but never sent it after the help I've received already I'm good thanks alot.

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  • SLP Super Silent Muffler


    Nice and quiet!!

    This review if for the RZR 900 Super Silent Muffler. I just got back from a week of riding in Moab and I am very pleased with the quietness of the new muffler. One of the other RZRs on this trip was just like mine minus the new muffler. We switched machines a few times and both agreed mine was significantly quieter. So much so he will be putting one on his RZR soon. It is not whisper quiet but conversation in the cab is at normal talking levels now and much more pleasant to ride in. I didn’t experience any exhaust drone or power loss while out on the trails. Installation was a breeze. I did some db level testing with an app on my phone before and after the install. From idle to full throttle it is 3db quieter in the cab when going down the road. 3db is halving the sound energy level but the human ear does not perceive it as half as loud. To my ear it decreased the sound by about 1/3, I can say it is noticeable quieter and more comfortable. Sound testing was done on a paved road and I have Tensor tires which create little road noise. I highly recommend this exhaust for a quiet comfortable sound level while hitting the trails.

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