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  • STI HD Beadlock Wheel

    STI HD Beadlock Wheel

    Travis in PA

    rims are really nice for the price. I have no problems with them. They seem to be pretty strong as well. I am very happy with these rims.

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  • STI Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    STI Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    MARC in CO

    Hard to get a flat with these

    These are good tubes, Ive never flatted one. The ultra heavy duty are also good for low pressure

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  • STI Out & Back Max Tire

    STI Out & Back Max Tire

    Joe in NY

    One heck of a tire!

    I have to admit,I didn't buy these for mud. Here in the northeast the winters are brutal and the snow gets deep. I have pheasant pens up the hill from my house and have to keep trails cleared to get to them. These tires are super aggressive and if you get stuck they'll dig until they find solid ground Worry about picking up the rocks in the spring lol.No matter where you need to go They'll get you there. And unlike the Gorilla Silverbacks I had on my old machine they have a fairly smooth ride to boot.

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  • STI HD9 Complock Wheel

    STI HD9 Complock Wheel

    John in FL

    beadlock wheels

    I liked everything about the wheel finish was perfect mounting the tire was a breeze the only problem that came about was the bead lock hardware was the only problem following the instructions to the end the final torgue of 20 ft pounds a couple bolts on each wheel failed other than that they are awesome

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  • STI Extreme Duty Motorcycle Tube

    STI Extreme Duty Motorcycle Tube

    Corey in CA

    Valve seam leaked at first use

    Leaked at valve seam as soon as I aired it up. And no it wasn’t the core I tried another, and it still leaks. Wasn’t a tire iron placed within 4-5 inches of valve. Likely defective but what you gonna do? Disappointed as it shouldn’t be too “Extreme” to ask to hold air for at least one ride haha, lame.

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  • STI HD3/HD4/HD Beadlock Wheel Caps

    STI HD3/HD4/HD Beadlock Wheel Caps

    holly in GA

    Had no problem with them coming off or anything

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