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Latest Streamline Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Streamline Front Steel Braided Brake Line

    Brent in ID

    Need to do QC on clocking fittings before crimping

    Look good but crimp alignment with fittings are not clocked to fit as well as stock.

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  • Streamline Rear Steel Braided Brake Line

    Brent in ID

    Crimp alignment not good

    Nice looking, clocked funny at the crimp so you have to put a little tension on it and it twists out, looks bad.

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  • Streamline Reflex Brake Lever

    Brent in ID

    Nice levers rounded edges

    Really nice and matching colors. I haven?t tested any of them in a crash yet..

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  • Streamline Reflex Clutch Lever

    David in MI

    A must on any bike I will ever own

    Half the price of other brands, but the same quality as ASV or the factory hard parts (KTM, HUSKY, GASGAS). Have taken a few diggers with them and are holding up great and even with scrapes the color is still there and good. Only thing I don't care for are the set screws kinda protrude in the area my index finger is, I use my middle and ring finger to work the clutch and brake.

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  • Streamline Billetanium Rebuildable ATV Stabilizer

    Mark in OH

    Be cautious

    The only thing keeping this from one star, is it does help out a lot on the kfx. However while installing the stebalizer for the first time the 2 bolts that hold the clamp on the steering stem stripped the threads, using normal allen key. So I drilled those out and just put a longer bolt with a nut. So got it all together and after the first ride it was all great, preformed well and was still together. While going over the quad from ride number 2 I have now noticed that 2 of the 4 bolts that hold the clamp to the frame are gone. So now more wasted time fixing a product for the second time.

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  • Streamline Reflex Pro Clutch Lever/Perch Without Hot Start

    matthew in ME

    Made in USA, nice and adjustable

    There was a set of these on a used bike a friend bought so I knew how the levers worked, so I bought a set for my personal bike. First, they arrived and the package said Made in the USA. My favorite. The installation was easy, the hardware is all flush and non bulky looking, and there is a lot of adjustability in the lever position. I’m very pleased with these and will be ordering a brake lever as well

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