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Adventure Touring Goggles

If you ride your dual sport bike in any amount of dirt, you’ll quickly learn that nothing beats a good set of goggles. A good pair of goggles is a must-have to avoid dust swirling around your face and stinging your eyes – especially if you ride with friends. If this is what you need, then you’ll be pleased to discover that you have hundreds of choices when you shop at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

The goggles we carry come in a variety of styles, colors, price points and features. Don’t neglect to take a look at some of those often-overlooked aspects that might make all the difference in your riding. For example, some dual sport goggles have better anti-fogging properties than others. If this is any concern for you, it’s important to get the right set the first time. Others easily fit over prescription glasses. Some goggles even have tinted lenses to enhance protection from the sun.

We also stock a good selection of big names. You’ll recognize brands like Oakley, Scott, Spy, 100%, Thor and many others. Each brand has a number of styles available to ensure that you find something that looks good with your existing setup. Go ahead and browse our selection now.

Latest Dual Sport Goggles Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Oakley O Frame Goggle

    Oakley O Frame Goggle


    Neutral Goggle

    The Oakley fit and size is very neutral to me, fit and comfort is nice and they fit into mos helmets without any issues. Wish the foam was a bit more dense on the layer that touches the face, it seems a little flat compared to other manufactuers. Overall a good value and replaement lense options are vast.

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  • Scott Recoil Xi Goggle

    Scott Recoil Xi Goggle

    Matthew in AL

    Good Goggles

    Bought these as my second set, for trail riding. They work great and fit well.

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  • 100% Racecraft Goggle

    100% Racecraft Goggle

    M in CO

    Riding 100% faster

    These fit awesome in my Bell Moto 9. No complaints.

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  • Fox Racing Main Enduro Goggle

    Fox Racing Main Enduro Goggle

    Taylor in CA

    Good goggle

    The goggle frame is nice, the foam that goes against the face is soft. The orange lens is ok in bright sunny areas, It is terrible in low light conditions. Not just at dusk, but in the trees it can be hard to see through shadows. I have a second lens that I carry (clear) in my pack so I just change it out if needed.

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  • 100% Strata Goggle

    100% Strata Goggle

    DANIEL in CA


    Nice goggles fit well foam is soft and lens is super clear.

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  • Fox Racing VUE Goggle

    Fox Racing VUE Goggle

    Ethan in MO

    10/10 Quality, Durability, & User Compatibility.

    Awesome set of goggles, fit is 10/10, as well as quality. The easy way to change lens is absolutely astonishing. Just a flip, and now lens are different colored, unscratched. Had them for 1 year now and working like new. 5 Stars for a reason!!!

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