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Powersort goggle accessories for all the name brand goggles like Scott, Oakley, Spy, Smith plus many more. For the best selection in powersport goggle accessories this is the place.

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  • Smith Replacement Lens Fuel/Intake/Airflow/TI

    Smith Replacement Lens Fuel/Intake/Airflow/TI

    Todd in CA

    Works great for sunny conditions

    I purchased this lens after I got a custom optical insert for my off road goggles. The insert fits into my goggles, and corrects my vision like glasses. I used to ride with a clear lens. When I got my insert, I found that I had a ton of reflected glare within the lens/goggles. Initially my vision was worse with the insert because of the bad glare, than without it. I purchased this lens, and it took care of the problem. Internal reflections are greatly reduced, and now I can see great on sunny days. I do switch to a yellow lens on cloudy days. And this lens is really bad if you get caught out after dark.

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  • 100% Goggle Case

    100% Goggle Case

    Nick in CA


    Great case, has gopro insert. Definately recommend

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  • Scott Replacement Lens 83/87/89/Bevo/Recoil

    Scott Replacement Lens 83/87/89/Bevo/Recoil

    Stephen in CA

    Good price.

    Good price, 4-star only because they do not offer a darker colored lens. The grey lens just is not dark enough for desert riding.

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  • Thor Enemy/Hero MX Goggle Tear-Offs

    Thor Enemy/Hero MX Goggle Tear-Offs

    Jonathan in PA

    Don't recoment

    The Thor tear offs are fine for regular riding but the system doesn't work well for racing, They tend to pull off multiple tear offs at once when trying to pull when riding. Stick with 100% or Scotts if you race and look for a budget google.

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  • Spy Replacement Lens Alloy/MX Targa II

    Spy Replacement Lens Alloy/MX Targa II

    katherine in OH

    product was scratched right out of the box

    not very durable. was not worth buying

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  • Dragon MDX Replacement Lens

    Dragon MDX Replacement Lens

    STACY in OK



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