Mens Motorcycle Facemasks

As a motorcycle rider, you love to be on your bike as often as possible, even when riding conditions may be a little less than favorable. Facemasks are the perfect accessory to protect your face and neck against some of those unfriendly conditions. If dust, wind, or cold air is keeping you from enjoying your ride, then we have a facemask to fix the problem.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we have a huge selection of different types and styles of motorcycle facemasks to fit your needs. With coverage options that range from full head, face, and neck coverage to just mouth and nose coverage, we’ve got a facemask for you. We feature stretch, Velcro or tie-back models that can comfortably be worn with a helmet. With the many different decorative designs that we carry, you are bound to find something to fit your personal style.

Check out our selection of motorcycle facemasks from the top brands in the industry and get yours today!

Latest Motorcycle Facemasks Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • A.R.C. Balaclava Facemask

    A.R.C. Balaclava Facemask

    Justin in KY

    OK for the money

    Cheap but functional

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  • RZ Mask Breathe Safe Facemask

    RZ Mask Breathe Safe Facemask


    looks great

    it is comfortable and feels great breath works good

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  • Schampa Skull Facemask

    Schampa Skull Facemask

    Adrian in AZ

    Cool Item

    Worked well. Nice way to keep the cold off your face and blocked the sand at the dunes.

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  • GMax Balaclavas Facemask - Coolmax Insulated

    GMax Balaclavas Facemask - Coolmax Insulated

    Robert in VA

    Decent Facemask

    Not a whole lot of insulation but decent for certain conditions.

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  • ATV TEK Pro Series Bandana Dust Mask

    ATV TEK Pro Series Bandana Dust Mask

    Logan in California

    Don't waste your money

    Don't waste your money on this mask unless you like a poorly constructed product that doesn't perform as advertised. Seriously, this product appears to have been sewn together by a Chimp or child with absolutely no skills. Where is the quality control? Another reason you might like this product, if you are one of the afore mentioned who like poorly made products, is the smell. Do you like the smell of chemicals, children? Wear this mask for five minutes and you will taste neoprene the rest of the day. The smell of this mask will taint the taste of all you eat or drink hours afterwards. Save your money and buy something else.

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  • GMax Balaclavas Facemask - Cotton

    GMax Balaclavas Facemask - Cotton

    Richard in TX

    A bargain, buy it you will be glad you did!

    We take our quads to Colorado a lot and it can get really cold in the high country, and these are a life saver, they also keep the dust and dirt down when following someone on the trail.

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