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If you do any amount of maintenance on your motorcycle, you need grease in your garage. Bikes have a lot of moving parts which need lubrication to keep everything functioning at peak performance. While oil is used with some parts like the engine, grease is used in several other places like the swingarm or wheel bearings. Grease is used in many cases because not only is it a lube, it’s also a water repellant. And unlike oil, its semisolid state allows it to stick around places that oil wouldn’t.

There are many types of grease. You can see in our inventory that we carry several different options. Don’t let the variety confuse you. Read the product description if you are unsure of a particular product’s purpose. You can also check out the customer reviews to find out how other motorcycle riders have used it.

Even though different types of grease have been formulated for a specific purpose, many types can be used for multiple purposes. That’s why some motorcyclists seem to use a single type of grease for nearly everything. However, what is important is that you don’t mix two different types of grease together. Some grease types are compatible; others aren’t. If you mix two incompatible types together, the structure of the grease could break down, leaving you with an oily mess instead of a lubricant.

If you aren’t sure whether the old grease and new grease are compatible, all you need to do is thoroughly clean out the old grease first (which is a good practice anyways). That way, when you put in new grease, there isn’t any preexisting grease for it to potentially react to.

We have several great choices for specific applications, like anti-seize, brake caliper grease and dielectric grease. But we also have tubs of multi-purpose grease as well. Take a look at our options. Whether you’re just getting started with working on your motorcycle or have decades of experience wrenching your bike, you’ll find excellent grease for your needs here.

Latest Motorcycle Grease and Lubricant Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Bel-Ray Water Proof Grease

    Bel-Ray Water Proof Grease

    Josh in WV

    It's greasy

    This is great grease! I've used BelRay for a long time, always performs.

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  • Bel-Ray Water Proof Grease Cartridge

    Bel-Ray Water Proof Grease Cartridge

    Austin in OH

    Excellent Grease!

    This is a spectacular grease for use in waterborne areas. I recommend to use it in head set bearings, wheel bearings, swing arm bearings, shock linkages, even on fasteners with torque specifications. I do not recommend using it on the backside of air filters (where they meet the air-box). It soaks into the foam, rather than laying on top. I have found a white lithium grease is better for this. This stuff is TOUGH to get off of your hands! Dawn dish soap struggles to get it off. Wear disposable gloves. If gloves are not your style, I recommend using "Scrubs in a bucket," hand wipes. They pull it off.

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  • Bel-Ray 6 In 1 Multipurpose Lube

    Bel-Ray 6 In 1 Multipurpose Lube

    Jeffrey in MD


    I never used this Product before until today, its is quite an amazing Do-it-all Lube, you can Bet I'll be ordering More, Another Amazing Product from the Good Folks at Bel-Ray!

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  • Dupont Multi-Use Lubricant

    Dupont Multi-Use Lubricant

    Lukas in CA

    Smells good.

    I will def buy again. Works great. DuPont is a huge company!

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  • Maxima Hi-Temp Waterproof Grease

    Maxima Hi-Temp Waterproof Grease

    Nick in CA

    good general grease

    good general use grease

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  • Suzuki Performance Super Grease

    Suzuki Performance Super Grease

    JAMES in AL

    this i've used

    bought it because it's OEM. the only place on my RMZ450 i'd use this brown ugly grease is where the foam air filter fits up against the airbox.

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