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Glue and adhesive to help the performance and appearance of your motorcycle.

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  • Permatex Moto Seal 1-Ultimate Gasket Maker

    Permatex Moto Seal 1-Ultimate Gasket Maker

    blake in CA

    works perfect

    seals mounting surfaces just as good if not better than the oem sealants for a fraction of the price.

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  • Yamalube Yamabond 4

    Yamalube Yamabond 4

    Scott in PA

    Perfect for KTM powervalve's

    I have used this on 3 of my powervalves, I cant find a better product to use!!!

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  • Pro Honda Hondalock 2HT

    Pro Honda Hondalock 2HT

    Brian in WV

    Must have for certain engine bolts

    The medium strength with the high temp additive is a good combo. Most of the high temp is high strength and that is not good for any aluminum threads. This gives the best of both worlds ( still removable with hand tools). Only problem I had was the bottle opening wasn't quite big enough. I had to run a pin through it to get it to come out quicker.

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  • Yamalube Yamabond 6B

    Yamalube Yamabond 6B

    Daniel in OR

    Much better then auto parts store brand

    A great quality silicone. easy to work with and actually does its job as intended

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  • Blue Magic Quik Steel Epoxy

    Blue Magic Quik Steel Epoxy

    Nick in CA

    Great product for pack.

    My brother in law dropped his bike out in the desert. Cracked the clutch case. Put bike on the side, plugged hole with the epoxy. Got home before dark. Saved our butts big time. Guess what, 5 years later, he never replaced the side cover. Epoxy still holding up. I would have replaced it but it is still working fine. Great stuff.

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  • Threebond Griplock

    Threebond Griplock

    RONALD in NY


    This stuf smells awful :( I'm going back to something else as this glue sets up too quickly.

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