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Helmets from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Touring helmets, scooter helmets, and helmets for those who want a little more wind in their face. We carry the best open face motorcycle helmets on the market. Removable washable liners, scratch-resistant, injection molded shields, removable, ducted visors are just some of the features included on the helmets we carry.

Latest Motorcycle Helmets Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Bell Qualifier DLX Motorcycle Helmet

    Bell Qualifier DLX Motorcycle Helmet

    Kevin in CA

    Good BANG for the $!

    Nice helmet for the price ($250) came with a bag, and the helmet is set up for Communications. The cons are it is a noisy helmet (I don't have comms in it, not sure that would make a difference) Also the "release tab" is de-rapping, so something not good there?

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  • Shoei GT-Air Pendulum Helmet

    Shoei GT-Air Pendulum Helmet

    Glenn in CA

    Great helmet but had to return it

    It's a great helmet and wish I could have kept it. My reason for returning it was that I have a bad neck and the weight was too heavy for it. It weights only 3.55 lbs in a medium but still too much. I ended up with a helmet that weights only 3 lbs and that seems to be working fine.

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  • Bell Moto-3 Helmet

    Bell Moto-3 Helmet

    Lynn in AZ


    Great helmet, if your looking to race the vintage scene with the correct style for the era, this fits the bill very nicely. This replica (remake) is of the "Day", no vents on the tops or sides. Good fit and finish. 100% happy with Bell's remake of this helmet.

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  • Fly Street Tourist Motorcycle Helmet

    Fly Street Tourist Motorcycle Helmet

    Mark in TX

    Good Helmet, Great Price

    I really like this helmet. It fits true to the chart, my head measures right in the middle of a medium or large. I went for the large and it fits perfect with just the right amount of snugness. The field of view is great and I like how it can be worn as a full face when cold and wet, or as an open face on hot days. Plus it comes with both tinted and clear shields. Protection will not be the same as a full face, but it is DOT rated. The removable chin piece has a sticker stating it is not intended for impact protection. I wore it on a 1200 mi trip in warm humid conditions and a little occasional rain. It worked great, not too noisy, very comfortable, and ventilation was good. The face shield opens and closes fine, but might be a little harder to do with thick gloves because there is no tab on it, just a grove in the middle of the chin piece. This doesn't bother me. This is a great buy and I would recommend it, especially for the price.

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  • Suomy MX Tourer Helmet

    Suomy MX Tourer Helmet

    Michael in NC

    Not that big of improvement over my street helmet

    Let me first preface this review with the fact that this is my first adventure/dual-sport helmet, so this is somewhat of a review on ADV helmets in general. Nothing was wrong with my street helmet but I read about how the adventure helmets were supposed to offer a wider field of view, allow you to use goggles, be more lightweight, have a sun visor, etc. Well, after wearing this for about a month and at least 600 miles, I'm not impressed. Sure it's a little lighter, that's why I got this one. But the visor catches the wind something fierce at highway speeds. My neck was sore after riding for a while. On long rides I have to take off the visor, which is time consuming because you have to use a little tool and remove 4 screws. Another problem with using an ADV helmet in general is that when you turn your head sideways at highway speeds it catches the wind more than a street helmet. And the shield is not as round so it's not quite as optically perfect. Also there are not very many choices for aftermarket shields with this helmet. I removed the shield and tried to use some goggles I bought and they barely fit in there, squished my nose so much I couldn't breath out my nose. When removing the shield on this helmet, I noticed the pivot corners were already gouging into the helmet and removed paint and left nasty scratch marks on the shield. This is hidden from view but it seems like a defect. The built-in shades work okay but it's hard getting used to because the lower side of the lens is always in view, unlike the smoke lens I put on my street helmet.

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  • HJC CS-5N Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

    HJC CS-5N Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

    Dale in UT

    Great fitting helmet .

    Great fit, very comfortable , would buy this brand again . Well made and a good fit. Sized properly.

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