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Kids' Motorcycle Helmets

With motorcycling, safety should always be a top concern. That’s one of the reasons why kids’ motorcycle helmets are so unique compared to adults’ helmets. Many protective features carry over from adult-sized helmets, but youth helmets also have a number of differences in construction in order to improve their fitment and safety for younger riders.

One of the biggest physical differences between an adult and a child is the head-to-body proportion. As a result, kids don’t have the same proportional neck strength as an adult. Adding a certain amount of weight to the head (in the form of a helmet) might be completely manageable for an adult, but the same amount of weight might be overwhelming and even unsafe for a child. For this reason, using a motorcycle helmet that is specifically designed for children is essential. Youth helmets are built to accommodate weaker necks.

Neck strength isn’t the only things at play here. Face proportions are also different between children and adults. Kids’ full-face helmets use a slightly different chin bar structure than adults’ helmets. (For this same reason, adults should not wear youth motorcycle helmets.)

Not all kids’ helmets are the same size. As kids grow from toddler to child to youth, their sizing requirements change. Each brand has its own definition of what “small,” “medium” and “large” means, even among kids’ helmets. For this reason, it’s essential for you to check out the sizing chart in the product description of each helmet you look at. One brand might fit your child perfectly, while another might be slightly too large or slightly too small. Fortunately, our fitment guarantee can help alleviate any concerns you might have about sizing.

Once you have settled on an appropriate fit, you next need to consider safety features. Just as with adult helmets, youth motorcycle helmets utilize a variety of protection technologies, including EPS, MIPS and proprietary designs. The majority of our kids’ helmets are DOT approved, and some of them also carry Snell certifications.

There are a number of convenience features that carry over from adult helmets as well. Each helmet has differences in shell construction, inner foam construction, ventilation, moisture-wicking properties and more. Reading the product description will help you identify what a particular helmet does or doesn’t have.

A final thing to consider is the visual aspect. Once you’ve identified a few helmets that meet your requirements regarding fitment, safety and other features, you might want to show them to your kid. Allow your child to pick their favorite based on style or design. You might be surprised at how strongly your kid identifies with a specific style, and this can make a big difference with how enthusiastic they are about properly using the helmet while riding.

Make sure that you purchase a helmet that you are happy with and that your kid is happy with. But above all, make sure that you make your purchasing decision for the right reason. After all, this isn’t even your own head that you’re dealing with – it’s your child’s. If your budget is a concern, don’t forget that we usually have numerous options available on closeout at excellent prices.

If you need any help browsing, check out the filters on the left. You can filter by size, brand, price and color. We have plenty of kids’ motorcycle helmets available, but it’s still easy to hone in and find the right one for your child.

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