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ATV A-Arms

ATVs sport a fairly unique suspension setup since they use a-arms (known as control arms in some circles). The a-arms are what help the vehicle traverse all types of terrain when out on a trail. But that also leads them to be exposed to rocks or other hazards. If you find yourself in need of some new a-arms, don’t fret. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is on your side; we’ve got you covered.

We carry the prestigious Armadillo chromoly a-arms in stock for many types of ATVs. Some of them are even the extended +2 inch style. Armadillo is known as being an industry leader for ATV a-arms; that is why we’ve chosen to carry their product. And if you need to replace the ball joint or bushings on an existing Armadillo a-arm, we’ve got replacement parts to make your life easier.

If you’re just in the market for extra protection for your existing ATV a-arms, we’ve got several options of guards. Depending on the availability for your particular machine, we stock the following brands:

  • Ricochet
  • Armadillo
  • Pro Armor
  • Tusk

All of these are fine choices and will help protect your a-arms from receiving unnecessary damage. Go ahead and enter your quad’s details in the drop-down boxes above to see what a-arm products we have available for you.

Latest ATV A-Arms Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • All Balls Ball Joint Kit

    All Balls Ball Joint Kit


    Nice replacement

    Solid made and nice replacement from the stock one. There are many different ways to remove and install these, but I highly suggest you get a ball joint tool, it just makes life soooooo much easier!

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  • Polaris HMW Front A-Arm Guards

    Polaris HMW Front A-Arm Guards

    Ed in ID

    It fits and works.

    I installed it on my 2016 RZR XC and it has done its job for the last 3500 miles. It is quiet when it takes a hit from usual Idaho rocks and sagebrush.

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  • Polaris HMW Rear A-Arm Guards

    Polaris HMW Rear A-Arm Guards

    Ed in ID

    Fits and works

    It fits and works. I have 3500 miles with them on my RZR. The only gripe I have is that two of the four included screws were too small. I used the two that fit and they are still holding the arm guards in place. It just might be my model of machine they don't fit.

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  • Ricochet A-Arm Guards

    Ricochet A-Arm Guards

    John in AZ

    Rock guards

    Itemporal came quickly. Easiest installation I have done on 3 machines. They protect front and rear of cv boots where others only protect the forward direction of the machine.

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  • Pro Armor Front A-Arm Guards

    Pro Armor Front A-Arm Guards

    Rick in AZ

    Higher coverage of the CV boot would have been better

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  • Polaris High-Clearance Front A-Arm Kit

    Polaris High-Clearance Front A-Arm Kit

    Larry in WV

    Nice upgrade

    Very nice upgrade. I needed new bushings and ball joints and this kit has it all included plus you get greater ground clearance.

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