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ATV Sand Tires from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Whether you’re a longtime sand rider or just planning your first dune-shredding trip, there’s nothing quite like ATV paddle tires. They hook up far better in the sand than regular knobbies.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we’ve assembled a large selection of sand tires from many of the leading names – brands like Douglas, ITP, STI, EFX, Pro Armor and (of course) Skat-Trak. Feel free to browse by tire size or by entering your ATV in the vehicle dropdown menus above. If you need some help on what to look for in a paddle tire, check out our tips below.

Rear Paddle Tires

Practically all rear sand tires incorporate paddles. All paddle tires are designed to bite or scoop the dirt, providing traction in terrain that is characterized as soft and loose. There are two major types of paddle tires: V-shaped and straight.

Straight Paddle Tires

Straight paddles hook up in sand the best. Their design allows them to bite the terrain and propel your quad forward. However, they tend to require a larger turning radius. Sand riders who prefer dragging or hill shooting tend to gravitate toward straight paddle tires as they are better suited for moving straight ahead with the most speed and power.

V-Shaped Paddle Tires

V-shaped tires don’t hook up as well as straight paddles, but they are easier to turn. For this reason, riders who prefer maneuverability over outright speed will often stick with v-shaped tires. Some v-shaped tires may also perform better on trails you might find near the dunes. (Don’t be fooled into thinking that they perform as well or last as long as knobbies, however.)

Number of Paddles

Another thing to consider is how many paddles the tire has. Tires with more paddles will provide more traction. However, in the sand, the most traction isn’t always a good thing as it can cause your machine to bog down and be slower instead of faster. Instead, you should try to find the right level of balance with the level of power output that your quad is capable of.

Aside from your ATV’s power output, the type of sand can also be a determining factor in choosing the number of paddles. Some sand is fine; other sand is coarse. Some places are dry; others are moist. The location you ride at is a factor. If you aren’t sure how many paddles you should go with, check in with local riders from your riding area to see what they’re running.

Front Paddle Tires

Front sand tires generally use a minimalistic tread pattern. Each brand is different, but most tires usually incorporate one or two ribs that extend down the centerline around the tire. These ribs are used to assist with steering. Sometimes the ribs are solid; sometimes they are more like dotted lines. Some front tires are completely bare and don’t utilize ribs at all. However, some front tires use paddles. Running four paddle tires on your machine will improve your traction but make turning more difficult.

Latest ATV ATV Sand Tires Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • ITP Sand Star Rear Tire

    ITP Sand Star Rear Tire

    Ben in CA

    Great Tire at an affordable price

    I put a set of these on my YFZ450, They hook up good in the sand.

    Read All Reviews
  • Douglas Doonz V-Blade Rear Tire

    Douglas Doonz V-Blade Rear Tire

    Karl in WA

    Hook up is crazy good!!

    These are direct and effective competition for the ITP's!! Hook up on the Banshee in the sand is front wheels up on demand! Love the design and look of these on the machine too. These should wear a little better than the competition based on early ride results. Overall we love these!

    Read All Reviews
  • CST Sandblast Rear Tire

    CST Sandblast Rear Tire

    Joseph in WA

    Not a good turbo tire

    I have a 120hp X3 and the tires worked ok but as soon as I went 172 they were not enough tire. They liked to come around on me in 2wd. If you drive in 4wd you will be ok up to 150hp otherwise look elsewhere. I had the 30" 14 paddle.

    Read All Reviews
  • Skat~Trak Hauler Tire

    Skat~Trak Hauler Tire

    John in MI


    Awesome tire! A straight paddle tire is the only way to go especially on a machine with lots of power.

    Read All Reviews
  • ITP Dune Star Tire

    ITP Dune Star Tire

    K in WA

    Great sand tires!

    Work wonderful in the sand! Light weight and hold up very wll.

    Read All Reviews
  • STI Sand Drifter Rear Sand Tire

    STI Sand Drifter Rear Sand Tire

    Robert in AZ

    Great Paddle

    I bought these paddle tires for a YXZ1000R and they have been very good. The only thing i would say is the 14 paddle is just a bit to much for a stock YXZ1000R. However if you want nothing but traction and/or you have a turbo, these are great.

    Read All Reviews
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