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TORC1 Racing

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  • TORC1 Racing Defy Lock On MX Grips

    Tim in MT


    I got the blue ones for my 18 300 xc because full wrap hand guards. They seemed nice enough and i installed the called for cam w plenty of adjustment to get it just right. It turned out that the tolerance for the cable was out of spec on the cam causing it to look okey but just not rest right. Adjusting the 3mm tube play wasn't really working and i didn't think it would be a big deal, it felt more or less the same as the last Odi lock on throttle tube installed previos. I've been working on race bikes for over 20 years. I started the bike to a run away throttle and suffered irreparable engine damage. DO NOT BUY THESE GRIPS!!! The V shaped cam that accepts the cable end is too narrow and caused the cable to rest too high on the cam making adjustment impossible or just pinched it. Albeit 17/18 throttle assembles aren't what they used to be (Donino). Rental Aramid grips have been the best ever made glue on w wire, just what i get for trying a short cut. DO NOT BY THESE FOR 17/18 KTM 2 STROKES! First review I've ever written for anything and I'm 40 something

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  • TORC1 Racing Vengeance V2 Flex Front Brake Lever

    Mitchell in TX

    Imperfect Fit

    I had to take a metal file to grind down a portion on the top of the lever. The first time I pulled the lever hard, it got stuck while I was on the track. I pushed the bike off the track and was able to limp back to my tool bag and file off an 1/8” or so. Works fine now

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  • TORC1 Racing Vengeance V2 Flex Clutch Lever

    Mitchell in TX

    Good product

    Easy install. Looks good. Good price. Lever bolts right on without any issues.

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  • TORC1 Racing Motion MX Aluminum Rear Brake Pedal

    Clint in UT

    Good Quality,Well built

    I have had this lever on my bike for about 4 years. the only issue i had with it was if you dont red locktite the small screw holding the lever on the end it falls off. It took a hard crash into another bike during a race to bend it. before the next race i removed it, placed it on the ground and proceeded to beat it with a 4lb sledge hammer to bend it back flat on the concrete. it took some beating to flatten out, but held up for the next race. and the whole next riding season! still works fine. Needless to say Im back to get another to freshen up the bike.

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  • TORC1 Racing Hot Lap ATV Grips

    TYLER in MO


    Got these for my Polaris outlaw 450. Work great and priced great.

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  • TORC1 Racing Reaction MX Shift Lever

    Logan in KY

    Great product!

    Bent my OEM lever. Plus with a size 14 boot the extension that comes with this lever it is exactly what I was looking for.

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