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Troy Lee

Troy Lee was born into moto. Coming from a family of pro riders and racers, Lee gained an appreciation for the sport and even planned on being a professional racer himself one day. He was good at riding, too, but he was better at something else. What started as a hobby of painting helmets for friends and family quickly grew into a full-time business for Troy Lee, and he set aside his dreams of going pro to paint and make gear for the pros instead. 

Now, over 30 years later, Troy Lee Designs is an innovative and thriving company, producing some of the most eye-catching, comfortable, and conscientious gear on the market. The company is focused on design and technology – Troy Lee Designs knows their riders and customers put it on the line every day in their gear, and that’s why they work so hard to create products that are intuitive, intelligent, and protective. With out-of-the-box thinking, proprietary tech, and a proactive R&D process, TLD is setting industry standards for safety and performance with every product.

Shop our collection of Troy Lee Designs products for helmets, jerseys, pants, gear bags, and more, along with an extensive casual line.

Latest Troy Lee Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Troy Lee Signature T-Shirt

    Greg in CA

    Comfortable shirt

    Very soft fabric and close true sizing (the medium is a tad baggy but comfortable).

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  • Troy Lee SE4 Beta MIPS Helmet

    Matt in NY

    Nice helmet, runs small

    Nice helmet but much tighter than all of my other size large helmets. Wish i bought xl.

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  • Troy Lee SE Ultra Gloves

    James in UT

    Supercross Gloves, I Guess

    I will tell anyone who listens how much I love TLD gear, but these gloves have been collecting dust on my garage shelf for almost two years. They're basically Elizabethan-era ladies eveningwear gloves--paper thin with absolutely no protection. I guess I should have known that before buying them as most of the SE Ultra stuff is in the same delicate boat, but you look at these wrong and it abrades the fabric. They are super comfortable though with the thinnest palm of all time for less arm pump and more feedback. And I guess if you never crash, never scrape tree branches and keep them in a padded velour case, they'd probably be amazing gloves. Going back to standard SEs and Scouts now, thanks.

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  • Troy Lee GP Air Confetti Pant

    Christopher in CA

    Best pants

    Best offroad pants I've owned. Breathe extremely well. Great pants for hot weather riding. Front waistline does sit a little lower than I am used to, but other than that small detail they are amazing.

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  • Troy Lee Swelter Gloves

    Jeff in NJ

    A little thin for cold weather?maybe?

    I gave it a three star as the description makes these gloves sound like legit cooler weather gear, but what comes in the package is VERY THIN. ?3 layer soft shell with a fleece liner?? Nah, they?re not anything like that. I had a pair of old Fox Cold Paws that were thick-ish neoprene/soft shell (for a moto-glove anyway) that were really good in 50 degree temps or below, especially with heated grips. I hoped I was getting something along those lines, but these gloves are just soooo thin I have a hard time believing they?re going to be any good when the cooler weather hits. That said, I?m not returning them. I have never owned a set of TLD gloves, so maybe they know something I don?t? They don?t seem like they will offer any protection, and the fit is a bit weird: they seem thin in the palm, like I should have ordered an XL; but they are a bit long in the fingers. Maybe my size Large hands are getting fatter? I?ll give these a (reluctant) chance and will report back with my results.

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  • Troy Lee GP Overload Helmet

    Camden in CA

    Good looking helmet for the price.

    Good design and decent fit. If you like the look of TLD helmets and don't want to break the bank, then this is your helmet. The helmet exceeds ECE 22.05 requirements and looks good while doing it. I highly recommend buying the SE4 Polyacrylate, as it is only a little bit more money and has MIPS which is proven to add much more safety to your spills however, if you are on the cheap and do not ride crazy this helmet will make you look good and keep your skull in-tact. *note: My helmet did come blemished and had hot glue strings visible in the vents.

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