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Tuff Jug

Latest Tuff Jug Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Tuff Jug Utility Jug with Ripper Spout

    MoonStomper in VA

    Mixes, pours, self-vents with no spills!

    Before deciding on this fuel can I researched a bunch of different designs. This one seemed to make the most sense from both a practical and an engineering perspective. We use it for mixing and delivery. With just a little practice we have gotten proficient at fueling up without spilling. I like the self-venting system very much. The opaque white shows the available fuel even in a dimly lit area. Easy to use, stays sealed without smelling during transport. Definitely a solid product.

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  • Tuff Jug Utility Jug KTM Tank Adaptor

    MoonStomper in VA

    No fuss Tuff Jug fueling for your KTM

    Of you have a KTM, and want your tuff jug nozzle to function you need this item. Just slip it on and forget about it, unless you want to fuel your buddy’s jap bike.

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  • Tuff Jug Utility Jug Small Tank Adaptor

    Taylor in CA

    Could be better

    I thought that this spout would attach securely to the jug, but it doesn't. It's held on merely by mild friction. It works alright, but you can't wiggle or it will come off, spilling gas.

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  • Tuff Jug Utility Jug Replacement Ripper Spout

    Michael in NM

    It works, IF you do this .....

    I recently got one of these Ripper Spouts for my gas can and when I went to fill up my bike for the first time, fuel leaked like crazy from this spout. When I examined the gasket / o-ring it came with, it was flat and very loosely fitted. I mean, that’s the way it comes. It wasn’t in wrong. Then I got the idea that I needed more of a genuine O-ring. Between that, and the notion finally hit me that I’m using this Tuff Jug spout on my VP Racing gas can, I thought that was probably the reason it leaked so badly. The Ripper Spout threaded on just fine, but I guess the tolerances were such that this spout is NOT interchangeable between the two fuel cells. So, off to HD and after purchasing a variety pack of O-rings, they didn’t have the 3” alone for sale, I installed this O-ring in the Ripper Spout and that really seemed to do the trick for me. It did not leak. I was impressed at how fast it fills the tank on my bikes. And VERY pleased when I lifted it out of the bike, I didn’t get the usual gasoline bath. Ultimately, I wish it would have worked without me having to purchase another $5 worth of O-rings, but in the end, I’m happy with it.

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  • Tuff Jug Utility Jug Replacement O-Ring

    Brian in MO

    Great products

    When I bought my tuff jug it didn’t have the o ring with it. I contacted RM and they sent me one. It works great.

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