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  • UFO Rear Shock Mud Plate

    UFO Rear Shock Mud Plate

    Steven in CA

    Works great!

    Does exactly what it's intended for: keeps mud and debris off your shock.

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  • UFO Restyle Front Fender

    UFO Restyle Front Fender

    Rebecca in SC


    Absolutely perfect fit and it is styled identical to the newer models. If you get the whole set it would look like a brand new bike. I am very pleased!

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  • UFO Restyle Rear Fender

    UFO Restyle Rear Fender

    DEAN in CO

    08 yamaha yz250

    Bought the UFO back fender to replace the fender that came on the bike because we had already bought a graphics kit for it with that type of fender I would of went with a more reasonable priced back fender instead paying almost double, but hey it looks cool and is a good looking fender and fits well. made it 4 stars due to being over priced.

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  • UFO Front Fender

    UFO Front Fender

    Kris in VT

    Love the look!

    Great replacement for my ugly DRZ fender! Had to do some drilling to fit properly, but pretty easy project.

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  • UFO Radiator Scoops

    UFO Radiator Scoops

    Chris in WA

    As described

    Perfect fit... only wish I could order other colors...

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  • UFO Rear Fender with Light

    UFO Rear Fender with Light

    Shawn in WI

    Great Idea, sadly doesn't work well.

    looks good, fits well, tail light lens is not sealed. 1st ride burned out the bulb. replaced bulb, sealed with silicone. That seems to work. 2nd ride, I was riding some really rough singletrack. I could here a noise coming form the back of the bike. it was the rear fender flopping and hitting the tire. Now I have some stress marks on the plastic. Like I said, cool idea. Just doesn't work well.

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