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  • WARN® Neoprene Winch Cover

    WARN® Neoprene Winch Cover

    Dennis in ID

    Does not fit really tight

    Good quality, but could use better elastic of drawstring. I kind of think this may blow off when I’m ripping around not paying attention to the winch cover.

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  • WARN® Winch Mount Plate

    WARN® Winch Mount Plate

    BRUCE in WV

    Would buy again for any utv i purchase.

    Easy to mount and puts winch cable at a good angle. Seems very sturdy with thick metal. Everything lined up great.

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  • WARN® ProVantage Blade Replacement HD Skids

    WARN® ProVantage Blade Replacement HD Skids

    GERALD in VA

    Replacement skids

    Great replacement for my wore out skids on my plow. Them seem to be heavier metal than the original hope they last longer.

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  • WARN® V4000 Vantage Winch with Wire Rope

    WARN® V4000 Vantage Winch with Wire Rope

    Robert in SC

    Lives up to reputation

    Does require some time to install, included instructions are easy to follow. Only used twice, ease of use and rated power are in line with advertised rating. Dash and remote control switches are Warn quality.

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  • WARN® Vantage Winch with Wire Rope and Mount Plate

    WARN® Vantage Winch with Wire Rope and Mount Plate

    Robert in SC

    Perfect accessory for Warn winch install

    Strongly recommend the Warn plate for Warn Winch installation. Quality stell plate designed to fit your application.

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  • WARN® ProVantage Straight Blade Plow Kit, Winch Equipped ATV, 54" Blade

    WARN® ProVantage Straight Blade Plow Kit, Winch Equipped ATV, 54" Blade

    Steve in MI

    Front mount is undesirable

    I've owned a bottom-mount Moose plow, and now a front-mount Warn. The front mount Warn plow has to be kept with a small amount of winch tension to keep the ATV from climbing upward and almost over the plow when pushing heavy snow. The front mount, too, is much wider than the ATV frame, so side to side torque on the plow gives the impression that it could bend the ATV frame! This would be fixed with a bottom mount plow, but the bottom mount system for Warn plows protrudes several inches downward, making it something that must be removed if ever driving on non-flat terrain. The bottom mount Moose plow consists of a plate that bolts to the bottom of the ATV, with only very small protrusions downward for pinning the plow drive bars to the mounting plate. I bought this Warn plow because the assembly looked to be rock solid (and it is), and most reviews I had seen were pretty glowing. In hind sight, I wish I had bought a bottom mount plow with short protrusions, such as the Moose plow, even if it has worse build quality. The last one I had was fine for the 12 years I had it, with only wear bar replacement and occasional reweld of broken crappy welds. In summary, front mount permits the ATV to climb over the plow a bit if pushing moderately heavy snow; front mount makes it seem like the plow might bend the ATV frame if you hit something solid with the plow; bottom mount from Warn protrudes down to far; bottom mount from another manufacturer would be my recommendation (unless Warn comes up with a less huge bottom mount set up).

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