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Latest Wiseco Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Wiseco Piston Kit

    Isaak in CA


    Great piston when the old one (Wiseco) Came out it was still in perfect condition for 200+ hours changed it anyways runs like a champ.

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  • Wiseco Bottom End Rebuild Kit

    Jared in WA

    Great value

    Used for my 2000 Yamaha YZ250 and had just about everything. You will need to get the center case O-ring #1241700001. They really need to add that to this kit. Other than that, my rebuild went smoothly and everything fit.

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  • Wiseco Racer's Elite Piston Kit


    Wrong Pin & Armor Fit Skirt Coating Easily Nicked

    I have a 2017 KTM 150SX. The pin I received is incorrect. The diameter is larger than the piston pin bore, such that it will not even fit in, and it is also too short. I assume this was an uncommon packaging oversight, otherwise I would have given it a lower rating. Hopefully, it is not a wide spread issue, but I recommend inspecting upon receiving one. I did not want to wait on a return/exchange, at this time, and my previous Vertex Pin was in good condition and fit well, so I just re-used. The Armor Fit Skirt Coating seems to be at risk of easily getting nicked. This seems to be expected with the intent of this coating though and I would think the form fitting design would accommodate any minor nicks during installation, but I recommend to be careful to not nick or scratch it while installing to ensure no issues.

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  • Wiseco Precision Forged Clutch Basket

    Hunter in KY

    Strongest basket made

    Strong, does not groove out even after 100+ hrs I?ve put them on all my bikes even if it has other components I always run Wiseco baskets they have a great warranty deal too. Reduces clutch chatter very smooth performance.

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  • Wiseco Garage Buddy Engine Rebuild Kit

    Lane in ID

    Engine rebuild

    Came with everything I needed and wasn't to hard to put together she's running strong

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  • Wiseco Piston Wristpin Bearing

    Drew in NJ

    Just what I needed

    Fits great, no reason to complain. Would be nice if it came with a piston kit but on its own there is nothing wrong with it.

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