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  • Zeta Rubber Killer Solid Mount Kit

    Zeta Rubber Killer Solid Mount Kit

    Joe in CA

    Do what they’re advertised as doing and take away nearly all chances of twisting the bars on my 2019 Yamaha. Plus, they add about 2.5-3mm of height which was good for me

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  • Zeta Aluminum Free KYB Fork Piston

    Zeta Aluminum Free KYB Fork Piston

    Jay in WA

    Must have for KYB forks

    Its just a matter of time before your stock plastic pistons crack. These are a quality piece that solves the problem. Much cheaper than other brands. Zeta makes good stuff. Too bad you can see from outside because the blue is beautiful!

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  • Zeta Magnetic Drain Plug

    Zeta Magnetic Drain Plug

    Jordan in OR

    Too soft, easy to strip, don't purchase.

    This plug looks cool and the magnet works, but its made of aluminum. You don't want to put that in, because you can accidentally strip the soft metal too easily. Stick with the OEM plug or a different product.

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