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  • Stegz Steg Pegz Replacement Rubber Puck Kit

    Stegz Steg Pegz Replacement Rubber Puck Kit

    Andreas in BC


    I love them They help a lot especially for the arm pump

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  • Stegz Steg Pegz

    Stegz Steg Pegz

    Marsha in FL

    I have trouble with my hands going numb when riding hard and thought I would have to quit trying to ride with my 21 year old son because trying to keep up caused me to ride with no control over the front brake and clutch. After installing my first set of steg pegz on my husky I was amazed. I will never own another bike that does not have these installed( so far 2 bikes with these this year) With these pegs you can grip the bike much better with your legs and let your arms relax. the only problem with these pegs is that they will eat boots with leather on the inside for lunch.

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