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  • Seat Concepts Seat Cover and Foam Kit

    Seat Concepts Seat Cover and Foam Kit

    Bill in California

    Seat concepts review

    Bought the kit and installed. It makes a night and day difference. Went with the std height and I'm really pleased with the ride and feel!

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  • Seat Concepts Complete Seat

    Seat Concepts Complete Seat

    Jennifer in ME

    Not bad, but not spectacular

    I had high expectations of this seat based on many reviews on the internet. The build quality is excellent; nice textures, nice seams. In terms of comfort, I would say it is marginally more comfortable than stock at best. I found my backside getting sore just as quickly as it did on the stock seat, and the extra width did not seem to really make much of a difference. I do think it is a nice seat, so it gets 3 stars, but I can only recommend it as a stock replacement and not a comfort upgrade.

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