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  • Honda Front Underhood Storage Tray

    Honda Front Underhood Storage Tray

    James in OK

    Good Storage

    This part is high quality and very sturdy. It fits great and it's a nice addition to my rig. Here's the real scoop. It looks much bigger online and you will have to drill holes in the frame of your brand new Honda. It comes with locking push pins to secure it to the frame.

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  • Honda Half Wind Deflector

    Honda Half Wind Deflector

    Ric in Idaho


    This windshield looks great. If you want a sporty look this is it, but is not useful as a wind deflector. It' s way too short, should be called a quarter windshield. Wind hits directly in the chest and face.

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  • Honda Full Poly Tip-Out Windscreen

    Honda Full Poly Tip-Out Windscreen

    Ric in Idaho

    Fits great

    This fits good and the hardware looks like it should holdup to some rough use. I think I should have spent a little more for the hard surfaced glass. This is real easy to scratch.

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  • Honda Fabric Rear Panel

    Honda Fabric Rear Panel

    Ric in Idaho

    Good Fit

    Fits good with the Bimini top. It's what I expected and am very pleased with it.

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  • Honda Glass Windshield

    Honda Glass Windshield

    Robb M in LA

    Superior Customer Service

    Windshield was cracked upon delivery. Called CS and after sending pic of box and busted windshield, was told would be contacted by service rep. Was surprised to see an email from RM ATV saying order was shipped. It was the replacement windshield shipment confirmation. It arrived within 5 days after talking to CS. Thanks RM ATV for prompt response and replacement. Oh, the windshield fit and was fairly simple to install.

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  • Honda Hard Roof

    Honda Hard Roof

    Jason in WV

    Well its hard, and it's a roof!

    It fits securly, however if you plan on enclosing the cab go with the soft roof. The roof protects pretty good and you don't have to worry about it getting torn. But thereis like a 3 - 4 inch gap between the roof and the windshield, which leaves alot of cold air in if you plan on enclosing as what i have done, go with the soft roof.

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