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Honda UTV Parts: Cab Enclosures

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  • Honda Hard Roof

    Honda Hard Roof

    Jason in WV

    Well its hard, and it's a roof!

    It fits securly, however if you plan on enclosing the cab go with the soft roof. The roof protects pretty good and you don't have to worry about it getting torn. But thereis like a 3 - 4 inch gap between the roof and the windshield, which leaves alot of cold air in if you plan on enclosing as what i have done, go with the soft roof.

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  • Honda Rear Cargo Box

    Honda Rear Cargo Box

    Doug in Oregon


    I tried two of these boxes and they both leaked like a sieve.. Lost several pieces of equipment to water damage. I would not recommend that anyone buy this product...

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  • Honda Fabric Rear Panel

    Honda Fabric Rear Panel

    Jason in WV

    Fits Perfect!

    Very happy with the fabric rear panel!

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  • Honda Fabric Doors

    Honda Fabric Doors

    Jason in WV

    Some gaps, But works good.

    Easy to install,There is some gaps, and the handle isn't the greatest. but it's the best available for the P5. In fact it's the only doors available.

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  • Honda Full Poly Tip-Out Windscreen

    Honda Full Poly Tip-Out Windscreen

    Ralph in ON

    honda signature full poly tip-out windshield

    Installation was straight forward, fit was perfect. Keeps out the elements of Nature. Caution with the cleaning of the poly windshield. Soap and warm water seems to work good, with a warm water rinse. All cleaning and drying methods should be from side to side and not up and down or in a circular motion.

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  • Honda Cab Frame Cargo Bag

    Honda Cab Frame Cargo Bag

    verliss in IN

    Roll bar bag

    The roll bar bag works excellent for extra storage for things you do not want to get wet or muddy. Up out of the way with good zippered pouches and made of good quality material

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