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  • KTM Coffee Mug

    KTM Coffee Mug

    fabiano in MA



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  • KTM Doppler Toilet Bag

    KTM Doppler Toilet Bag


    Camping made Fun

    If you camp and shower in the outdoor, while riding the long trails, you will appreciate this bag.

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  • KTM Belt Bag Comp

    KTM Belt Bag Comp

    Doug in WA

    Nice Quality Belt Bag

    Ok, so I keep writing reviews hoping I will win a gift card, but they are honest reviews. This is a very high quality item. Made by ogio. Some things that may not be on the product description - There are three sections, 4 compartments. A smaller compartment on the right and left, and the rear is two compartments. The left compartment has a drawstring "stuff sack" sort of bag built in so you can unzip the compartment and stuff a water-bottle in that side, or you can put keys and your driver's license/credit card wallet etc. and then cinch it closed, then zip it shut providing double security The right compartment zips around and is where I put my somewhat large Lumia 921. The two rear compartments include an inner zipped pouch, and a fold over flab with a strap to hold tools (like sockets or something) that is a bit odd, not sure what you are actually supposed to put there without having them just bounce out The rear has a large flap that covers over both zippered rear compartments and has an adjustable closer and velcor (er, hook and loop) closure also. The waste strap is pretty wide (2") and a nice heavy plastic snap buckle.

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  • KTM Die-Cut Decal

    KTM Die-Cut Decal

    Doug in WA

    High quality decal

    Nice sharp edges, clean cut. Nice quality sticker to stick on. Put a black one on my bumper, an orange one on my toolbox.

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  • KTM Engine iPhone 5/5s Case

    KTM Engine iPhone 5/5s Case

    DAVID in KY

    I phone case

    Coolest I phone case ever

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  • KTM Trailer Hitch Cover

    KTM Trailer Hitch Cover

    Michael in PA

    Loose but Nice

    Fits a little loose in the hitch but looks good and serves its purpose

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