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  • MSR Half Finger Glove Liners

    MSR Half Finger Glove Liners

    Harry in KY

    Ninja Blister Fighter

    I just bought my second pair of these although the first pair is still serviceable after several years of hard use and bunches of cleaning cycles. A pair of these should last you a season or more of aggressive off-road riding. These will definitely reduce blistering on the palms opposite the knuckles and on the inside of the thumbs. My theory is that this is due to the low friction of the material and the skin-snug fit. I say â??snugâ?? as opposed to â??tight.â?? These gloves provide a low friction barrier from the abrasive effect of movement of the outer glove against the skin. No matter how hard you grip, there is going to be some sliding of the glove across the skin. Also of interest is that these gloves appear to be 100% machine knitted and have no seams or stitches, at least that I could find. The fibers are a very compliant but strong Lycra-like material. I also purchased a pair of Risk Racing blister protectors so as to have a showdown as it were. I haven't had the chance to performance-test the Risk units yet, but will say they seem very comfortable, are easy to slip into an overglove and are certainly of an innovative design. In the meantime, of the various blister barriers I have used, the MSR units are hands down the winner for comfort and blister reduction. I will gladly lay down $18 e pluribus unum for a product that performs this well. Cheers.

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  • MSR Reflex Knee/Shin Guards

    MSR Reflex Knee/Shin Guards

    jeremy in MA

    protection not worth the hassle

    They get two stars because I've gone down hard in rocky areas and they did their job, kept my knees from getting destroyed. Now for the bad; They don't stay in place, extremely bulky, they rip the skin off my shins every ride even though I have heavier ARC socks on and the top strap clip broke on both sides.

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  • MSR Gravity Elbow Pads

    MSR Gravity Elbow Pads

    ian in NJ

    buy something else

    i just don't like the product

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  • MSR Axxis Jersey 2015

    MSR Axxis Jersey 2015

    keith in TX


    A little thin. Runs a little small.

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  • MSR Mud Pro Gloves

    MSR Mud Pro Gloves

    Jason in MI

    Good quality for the price.

    These gloves fit well and have great grip in all conditions. The goggle wipers are a nice added touch. Was expecting these to be a little heavier weight but will be a nice spring/fall riding glove. Will edit this review once I get some more miles on the gloves. The gloves are holding up pretty well. Rode about 600 miles in West Virginia last spring and they were great for the cooler mornings. However after a full day riding the little rubber "spikes" on the palms really start to dig into your hands and get pretty uncomfortable. I've removed most of them since then. Overall they have about 800 miles worth of riding on them and they have no holes, or rips, all seams are holding well, and they show minimal wear on the palms. These gloves would be perfect if they were waterproof.

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  • MSR Mav2 Charger Helmet 2015

    MSR Mav2 Charger Helmet 2015

    Jeff in New Jersey

    Excellent helmet for the $

    Purchased the helmet in blue. Looks even better in person. Fits perfectly. Snell approved, light weight and well built. If I was nit-picking, I would say the helmet bag is kinda shoddy, but that's it. Buy it!

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