Acerbis ATV Parts: Drive

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  • Acerbis Chain Slider

    Acerbis Chain Slider


    Works great

    Have a few rides on it now and It seems to be wearing very nicely. I'd recommend this anytime

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  • Acerbis Chain Guide Block

    Acerbis Chain Guide Block

    Jeffrey in NY

    30+ hours on this, still serviceable

    I put over 30 hours on this and I can still use it. For a newer model Kawasaki, you will need to replace it shortly after you buy it anyway.

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  • Acerbis Chain Guide and Slider Kit

    Acerbis Chain Guide and Slider Kit

    Denis in QC

    RMZ450 2012

    Do what it have to do. Good product for the price

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  • Acerbis Chain Guide

    Acerbis Chain Guide

    SHAUN in ID

    Replacement for OEM

    Quality and construction was questionable from the start but hey it's a chain guide, how complicated does it need to be. Once the guide was installed and the bolts were tightened to specification, the guide ended up slanted toward the rim and pushed the chain away from the sprocket. This disappointment forced me to order up an OE piece. Acerbis has always been a trusted brand for me but this product did not turn out to be a suitable alternative to OE.

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