Polaris UTV Parts: Frame-Chassis

Polaris UTV Parts: Frame-Chassis

Polaris UTV Parts: Bumpers

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  • Polaris Spare Tire Mount

    Polaris Spare Tire Mount

    Jordan in UT


    I would probably rather have a spare tire holder that bolted the spare on, instead of this method that can be easily swiped. But its what was available and worked with my machine, so I can't complain. Holds great. I think the piece is leaving a gouge in my spare rim, but it doesn't really bother me. Also can be a little difficult to get the spare tire in place, and thread on the holding mechanism by yourself, but it is doable.

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  • Polaris Deluxe Front Bumper

    Polaris Deluxe Front Bumper

    Clint in Alberta

    Super easy

    For those having problems installing this product, something is wrong with you, I found installation super easy. Did it by myself with no instructions !! A few words of wisdom for you , once you seat the bushings, use an impact gun to get the bolts started. Once all are seated , crank em up !! Took 15 minutes once I figured how all the pieces went together.

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  • Polaris Deluxe Rear Bumper with Upper Cab Frame Extension

    Polaris Deluxe Rear Bumper with Upper Cab Frame Extension

    STEVE in CA

    Polaris Deluxe rear bumper with cab extension

    Good product, good look, one gotcha that you will figure out. The extension to bumper connectors will install only one side with proper clearance. If you are rubbing the cargo hold switch that connector to the other side, WALLA, proper clearance. I don't recall reading that in the instructions.

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  • Polaris Cab Frame Extension Rack

    Polaris Cab Frame Extension Rack

    Matthew in MI

    Fit perfect and look great

    The bars are extremely strong and fit perfect with the stock mounting holes. The bolts were very hard to screw in, but once they were on I don't have to worry about them getting loose. Definitely a great buy.

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  • Polaris Lock & Ride Low Profile Front Bumper

    Polaris Lock & Ride Low Profile Front Bumper

    Matthew in MI

    Nice bumper

    It lined up perfectly with the factory mounting holes. I put a winch on and it doesn't interfere.

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  • Polaris Front Deluxe Brushguard

    Polaris Front Deluxe Brushguard

    Scott L in North Carolina

    Good fit....but bolt broke

    Fit great. Looks great. Hardware included....not so great. I bolted it on using the instructions in about 20 minutes. Everything appeared to be great. I even yanked on it a few times and it was on there solid. no movement whatsoever. I go out to look at it 1 day later and notice that one of the bolts (self tapping) head was on the ground. It somehow snapped off just sitting in my garage. Now I will have to drill it out and I hope I can just back the other self tapping screw out without it breaking. Do yourself a favor and get regular bolts with nuts. The bottom bolts seem to be holding fine as they are regular bolts with a threaded plate for the nut. Very disappointed.

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