Pro Armor ATV Parts: Electrical

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  • Pro Armor Kill Switch Installation Kit

    Pro Armor Kill Switch Installation Kit

    JEROME in QC

    makes killswitch installation an easy task!

    highly recommended. I race gncc since 3 years, without any issue with it. No tape or ty rap, ... just good safe products and well installed. I'm a poor mecanic, and it took only 20-30 minutes...

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  • Pro Armor Pro Series ATV Tether Kill Switch

    Pro Armor Pro Series ATV Tether Kill Switch

    Ed in AZ

    Works Great No Hassle Installation.

    I don't know what the fuss is in the other reviews concerning hook up?! It's a normally open switch just like your kill button/ switch. Hook one wire to the wire going to the stock kill switch and connect the other wire to a good ground. (Honda dirt bikes / ATV's are the Black / White stripe wire from the CDI plug). If this is still difficult to understand then have a bike shop hook it up, and if that's the case then note: "You shouldn't be messing with your ride's electrics AT ALL!" Otherwise, this tether is easy and fast to reset. I know because I've had to do so three times and all with no time lost fighting a tether that won't reset. I'm happily buying another for the ATC250R I picked up the other day. Go Go WFO!!

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  • Pro Armor HID Lighting System

    Pro Armor HID Lighting System

    Paul in CA

    Great product, but a little spendy.

    I recently purchased these lights, and what a difference between stock and these HID's! I wish I could post the before and after pictures. I recently took a trip to Glamis with my new lights and all of our night rides I was leading the pack, even if I got a few bikes behind I was still lighting the way! They were a little tricky to instal (mainly just the stators, trying to figure out where to mount them, the rest was a breeze), but once I got everything hooked up I was not disapointed! 5 stars for the brightness, but I gave it 4 due to the high price and limited instructions for instalation.

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