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  • RK 420MXZ Chain

    RK 420MXZ Chain

    DAVID in PA

    very poor

    very poor chain we are getting two hours on 420 chain and it need adjusted

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  • RK 520EXW XW-RING Chain

    RK 520EXW XW-RING Chain

    Michael in TX

    This is a great quality chain

    I used this chain when I swapped gearing on my KLX250s since I needed a couple more links. This chain looks great, is easy to clean and worked very well for the 400+ singletrack (mud, dirt, water) miles I put on the bike before I sold it. The chain never bound up and was easy to install and clean. the chain comes with a master clip, but you still need to press on the side plate before the clip is installed. Be sure to properly align and grease the xring and then back off the side plate against the clip to release tension on the xring once the clip is on. This will prevent the clip from coming off.

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  • RK 428MXZ Chain

    RK 428MXZ Chain

    Josh in NM


    Great chain. 1 season in and hasn't shown much wear or stretching.

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  • RK 520EXW Gold XW-RING Chain

    RK 520EXW Gold XW-RING Chain

    Richard in PA

    Great product

    Very nice looking chain. Been riding with it for a while and shows no sign of wear or stretching. May be a little pricey but look at the price of other high quality chains, and this one is tier 1.

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  • RK 520 Chain

    RK 520 Chain

    Raymond in WY

    Fits like it should

    Bought for an extra bike that doesn't see much use. Will comment on longevity at a later date.

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  • RK 530XSOZ1 RX-Ring Chain

    RK 530XSOZ1 RX-Ring Chain

    Leonard in MO

    Good chain for large single thumper.

    The chain has worked well on my 520 KTM. The bike has seen back roads and all types of off road, I ride to the trails. You need to clean it after every ride, and then use good chain lube like Bel Ray or Kal Gard.

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