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  • Thor Windshield Decal

    Thor Windshield Decal

    Brad in WA

    Looks good for a while

    Everyone likes my THOR decal but it has a fairly short life cycle. It's only been on my truck about 18 months and it's falling apart and falling off.

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  • Thor Dual Sport Cool Socks

    Thor Dual Sport Cool Socks

    matthew in BC

    best socks around

    I despise long socks that come up to your knee, I'm not a fricken school girl. these socks are perfect, so good that I bought 4 more pairs.. I don't understand why more company don't make low rise socks

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  • Thor Hydro Bag Replacement Bite Valve

    Thor Hydro Bag Replacement Bite Valve

    robert in NY

    Thor bite valve

    I use this on my Leatt pack, it fits better and costs half as much. You can wear out the rubber part if you ride with it in your mouth all of the time. for 4 bucks I just keep a couple in my gear bag.

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  • Thor Hydrant Hydro Bag

    Thor Hydrant Hydro Bag

    Michael in OH

    Great small pack for water & maps, few tools

    I bought this pack mostly for the price & size. Don't need anything too large. Holds plenty of water for an all afternoon ride, plus cell phone/wallet, a few tools and a spark plug. I didn't want it to be too bulky and it's perfect. Been using it all season and it fits great, drinking system works well too. Easy to fill & drain.

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  • Thor Transit Wheelie Gear Bag

    Thor Transit Wheelie Gear Bag

    Stuart in UT

    Good bag for the money...

    Nice bag for the money however, it still doesn’t carry all my gear. Maybe I’m a gear fanatic? I just added a large full body armor, and it doesn’t fit with my boots, backpack, helmet, couple pants, few shirts, socks and gloves. I think if you do come up with a bag to carry all my stuff, it would require a motor move it!!! The bag is pretty tough however, I did have to warranty my first one as the front handle ripped out just pulling it out of the truck. RM was great in getting it traded out. They did have me take pictures and send them to Thor before they would return it. About a two week process. Not my experience in the past, usually RM takes care of the customer, and then works with the manufacturer. They must have a new return policy. Still, they took care of me. Still, was the best option for me at my price bracket. Bag is durable, wheels work awesome and it looks good.

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  • Thor Hydro Bag Replacement Bladder

    Thor Hydro Bag Replacement Bladder

    ROBERT in CA

    Fits well

    i was worried this replacement would not fit my Fox 2 litre pack. It slid right in, no worries. Holds about 2.5 litres in the current pack i'm using. Very happy.

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