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  • Tusk KYB Dual Chamber Fork Cap Wrench

    Tusk KYB Dual Chamber Fork Cap Wrench

    mark in TX

    Worth The $

    3 tools that made working on my forks a breeze, nothing beats having the right tool for the job. The forks were previously done without the tool and scared the inner hex on my dual chamber fork. The tool is heavy duty, and I plasti dipped the handle to make it easier to handle, but a pair of gloves or a rag will do the trick when loosening the inner and outer hex.

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  • Tusk Steering Stem Spanner Wrench

    Tusk Steering Stem Spanner Wrench

    Gavin in TX


    Works perfectly and seems to be good quality. I recommend any Tusk product, they're helping to make motor sports more affordable!!!

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  • Tusk Shock Seal Bullet Tool

    Tusk Shock Seal Bullet Tool

    Gregory in OH

    Seal head bullet

    Great product

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  • Tusk Fork Seal Driver

    Tusk Fork Seal Driver

    Nicholas in OK

    Fork seal driver

    Nice quality tool, easy to use and very durable

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  • Tusk Neoprene Seal Guards

    Tusk Neoprene Seal Guards

    mark in TN

    Nice product, fit good, wears well

    I had these on my Husky 450. They fit well, tight and kept the dust and dirt out of the seal area. I got the long ones and cut them in half so I basically had two pair. They did wear after a while and I did replace them with the other half. I was happy with them. Are they necessary, no. But they did perform well. The 50mm forks(Marzochis) were prone to seal leaks so these helped.

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  • Tusk Digital Suspension Pump

    Tusk Digital Suspension Pump

    stephen in MI

    Makes adding air easy

    Guage has been holding up well. Very handy for the new air forks and I also use it for tires in a pinch and for checking nitrogen pressures in rear shock when servicing them. Had it almost a year now and battery still going strong!

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