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  • Tusk Hydraulic Brake Bleeder

    Tusk Hydraulic Brake Bleeder

    Jody in MO

    Great product

    Makes bleeding that much easier!! Tusk makes great products!

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  • Tusk Chain Press Tool

    Tusk Chain Press Tool

    Corey in WV


    This thing works amazing, will never change a chain without it again.

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  • Tusk OEM Axle Nut Wrench

    Tusk OEM Axle Nut Wrench

    BRIAN in VA

    Tusk OEM Axle Nut Wrenches

    They seem to be pretty good quality. Hopefully won't be used to often, but seem like they could handle daily use with ease. Fitment was good, must have 1/2" drive torque wrench or an adapter. They are 50mm crowsfeet wrenches. Made in Taiwan. Each wrench is packaged by itself.

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  • Tusk Billet Aluminum Valve Stem Caps

    Tusk Billet Aluminum Valve Stem Caps

    Josh in WA

    Cheap Bling

    Cheap and look good.

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  • Tusk Bearing Remover

    Tusk Bearing Remover

    katherine in OH

    works great

    used to beat them out with an old socket. this makes life a lot easier

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  • Tusk Chain Riveting Tool

    Tusk Chain Riveting Tool

    don in OH

    Easy Peezy

    This tool makes riveting a chain very easy. I just used it for the first time to rivet a DID VT2 x-ring chain. (1st time riveting a chain). I don't know about long term or using it to break a chain. It should be ok. The Motion Pro pins are interchangeable. Tip; get a pocket caliper, $7, to measure the width of the peened pin. DID says .217 to.228 inches. Or about 5.6mm, to be sure you peen it out completely.

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