Boyesen ATV Accessories: Fuel and Air Intake Systems

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  • Boyesen Super Stock Carbon Reeds

    Boyesen Super Stock Carbon Reeds

    gary in CA

    money well spent

    reeds fit perfectly ,felt the differance at startup. good product

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  • Boyesen Rad Valve

    Boyesen Rad Valve

    leigh in Connecticut

    wow- better power everywhere

    I purchased a rad valve not having any major expectations. I was certainly surprised at how much more power and cleaner response my ktm 250 engine made. Power started a bit lower than usual and ran through to an incredible midrange and top end over rev. I had to screw in the yellow power valve adjuster almost all the way to keep the power linear. Jets up a bit better do and it feels like the motor revs much more freely. No need for head mods, this is enough. Perfect smooth linear power. love it!

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  • Boyesen Pro Series Reeds

    Boyesen Pro Series Reeds

    Mark in PA

    Reed block dependent

    If you don't have the 250SX or Boyesen reed cage, then this product will not fit. Other than that, these are great and made it run a bit better in the midrange.

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  • Boyesen Quickshot 3 Accelerator Pump Cover

    Boyesen Quickshot 3 Accelerator Pump Cover

    Joshua in WY

    Great Product Great service

    Pretty easy installation, great instructions. I put an exaust and k/n filter, and re-jetted. I had issues with the quad either dying or bogging down and sputtering when punching the throttle. This was the perfect solution.

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  • Boyesen QuickShot 2 Accelerator Pump Cover

    Boyesen QuickShot 2 Accelerator Pump Cover

    kimberly in WV

    Eliminates bog

    Fixed my low end bogging problem

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