Boyesen ATV Accessories: Fuel and Air Intake Systems

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  • Boyesen Super Stock Fiber Reeds

    Boyesen Super Stock Fiber Reeds

    Ryan in OH


    Good replacement for worn out OEM reeds. They installed and function as they should.

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  • Boyesen Super Stock Carbon Reeds

    Boyesen Super Stock Carbon Reeds

    Tom in SC

    Great Reeds

    Great reeds for the money. They did make a difference, but it feels like I will need to rejet to get the full effect. Also best price I have found on the internet.

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  • Boyesen Rad Valve

    Boyesen Rad Valve

    jarem in UT

    Beautiful piece of engineering!

    When I directly compared this with the stock reed cage, I was amazed at how much smoother everything looked inside! This is all one continuous piece of aluminum that looks like a ported cylinder on the inside. Very smooth, with knife like edges wherever it splits the air coming in. No funny ridges or places to cause turbulence during intake. It just LOOKS and feels like it will support more CFM compared to stock. With that said, I haven't ridden it enough or jetted it to comment on an actual performance increase.

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  • Boyesen Pro Series Reeds

    Boyesen Pro Series Reeds

    Steve in MI

    My bike has never run this good!

    I installed these in my '01 YZ250, just before my last hare scramble, and all I can say is WOW! My bike honestly has never run this good. It has so much more power, through the entire power band! Even better, it helped to smooth out the 2-stroke power surge, so the extra power is also more usable! At high speed / RPM, I'm not having any issues with reed flutter now. I can't say enough good things about these reeds! I won't ever run anything different.

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  • Boyesen Quickshot 3 Accelerator Pump Cover

    Boyesen Quickshot 3 Accelerator Pump Cover

    Blake in MI

    Love the new quick shot

    I love the quick shot really easy to install and easy to get at to make your adjustments i recommend the quick shot to all four stroke owners

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  • Boyesen QuickShot 2 Accelerator Pump Cover

    Boyesen QuickShot 2 Accelerator Pump Cover

    Michael in NY

    Boyesen Quickshot 2

    Nice piece, looks good. Smoothed out the throttle.

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