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  • Fly Racing Lightweight Base Layer Pant

    Fly Racing Lightweight Base Layer Pant

    CORY in CA

    Love them

    I wear these all year long as a base layer and to keep my knee braces from rubbing on my legs. They keep me warm in cold weather and are not to hot for riding in the summer.

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  • Fly Racing Kinetic Mesh Pants

    Fly Racing Kinetic Mesh Pants

    Douglas in OR

    Great Gear

    These pants fit in the waste the same as all Fly pants that I have ever owned. They are a little baggier in the leg area then most fly pants but I believe that is by design. Don't worry were not talking gangster baggie. Without being a little loose fitting they wouldn't allow the air to circulate through the pant. These pants truly do allow the air in and I would not recommend them for year round riding in most climates. If it is cold out you will freeze in these. These pants also do not have the typical "Fly Racing" rubber patches that you find on most Fly gear. This is also by design. If you have large rubber patches on a pant that is designed to breath it would block the incoming air. These are nice quality and I would definitely buy them again. Fly repeatedly puts out an exceptional product at a more then competitive price. Looking in this price range I found nothing for the price that offered a summer gear as durable with leather on the inside of the knee area. In the photo the black didn't look as dark as it should be. In reality the colors on these pants are perfect. Waste closure is very heavy duty quality, as is the zipper on these pants.

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  • Fly Racing F-16 Pants 2015

    Fly Racing F-16 Pants 2015

    Matt in AL

    Not bad for the money...

    If you're looking for a pair to trash and no spend a lot of money go for these pants. They can take a beating, but probably won't last long. Mine are already coming unstitched after 2 rides.

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  • Fly Racing Kinetic Gloves 2014

    Fly Racing Kinetic Gloves 2014

    Giovanni in PA


    Gloves feel and fit good,

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  • Fly Racing 907 MX Gloves 2015

    Fly Racing 907 MX Gloves 2015

    Jason in MI

    Decent cool weather glove.

    These gloves don't fit the best, the fingers are a little too long and the thumb is a little too short but they work. Best for temps between 55-65 F. Not the best for long distance riding, the material on the palms is pretty thin. They are holding up pretty well after about 200 miles of wet, muddy riding.

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  • Fly Racing Maverik F4 MX Boots

    Fly Racing Maverik F4 MX Boots

    BROC in UT

    Good Boots but a little stiff

    I've used a lot of boots, I ordered these because they were cheap and if they were not that great it wouldn't matter. I've had them for a couple of months now and they are working great, I really like them. Some of the good things are they are really easy clamps on the boot so they are easy to put on and adjust to how you want them to feel .They have a really good design that sticks out. Downfalls they are stiff and a little bulky in the toe area. But overall they are great. I would buy another pair in a heartbeat.

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