Polisport Dual Sport Accessories: Drive

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  • Polisport Chain Guide

    Polisport Chain Guide

    Stephen in CA

    Premature wear.

    I have only about 8-10 hours on this guide and it is already wearing. New chain sprockets and guides. I am religious about my chain and sprocket maintenance, I check adjustment of the chain after every single ride. So I know it is not too loose or too tight. Good price, will have to replace before desert season is over. Will probably not go with this Polisport one again.

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  • Polisport Chain Slider

    Polisport Chain Slider

    Stephen in CA

    Wears okay.

    About the same qaulity as OE. Seems like a harder plastic, not sure exactly what it is made of. Will most likely not buy again, after about 10 hours on it is wearing a bit. Check my chain every ride, not too loose or too tight. Time will tell. Seems to be lasting about the same as OE.

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  • Polisport Chain Roller

    Polisport Chain Roller

    Brian in CA

    Works Fine

    Works as intended

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  • Polisport Lower Chain Slider

    Polisport Lower Chain Slider

    JOSHUA in NY

    Fit well, looks like OEM

    Fit perfectly, looks like the OEM one it replaced.

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