Supersprox Dual Sport Accessories: Drive

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  • Supersprox Front Sprocket

    Supersprox Front Sprocket

    Yancy in NM

    Good fit

    It fit well and was priced right

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  • Supersprox Rear Steel Sprocket

    Supersprox Rear Steel Sprocket

    Christopher in NM

    This sprocket is Super!

    So strong and embraces abuse. Iv had this sprocket on my bike for 2 yrs now and just recently have I noticed some slight wear on the teeth. I will certainly buy this sprocket again. Its not too heavy either. Yes, it weights more than an aluminum sprocket, it will last 4 times longer though.

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  • Supersprox Stealth Rear Sprocket

    Supersprox Stealth Rear Sprocket

    Matthias in UT

    Worst sprocket yet

    I've never had a sprocket wear out on me this fast. My stock sprocket lasted me 20,000 miles. This one didn't make it to 1,500. TECH NOTE : WHEN REPLACING YOUR REAR SPROCKET BE SURE TO REPLACE THE CHAIN AS WELL TO PREVENT PREMATURE WEAR.

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  • Supersprox Rear Aluminum Sprocket

    Supersprox Rear Aluminum Sprocket

    Tyler in OH

    just get steel

    doesn't compare to steel when it comes to durability. aluminum sprockets just look good.

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