Dragonfire Racing ATV Accessories: Graphics and Decals

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  • Dragonfire Racing Bed Rail Number Plate Kit

    Dragonfire Racing Bed Rail Number Plate Kit

    AJ in UT

    Isn't as easy to install as advertised. Only includ...

    This kit is a decent kit, it is designed to fit all rzrs, that being said its probably easy to install on bigger rzrs. I have a rzr 570 and ran into a couple issues installing. Since it is designed to fit a few different machines it had some extra parts I didn't need, and the directions were next to useless. After figuring it out I discovered that not enough nuts were included. After all that I started on passengers side, got that installed (requires you to put your arm up fender wells, I have thicker arms which made it harder than it needed to be) I started on the back mount on drivers side, got it on, and start on the front mount only to discover that the air intake is in the way on the 570, making it impossible to mount without removing the entire air intake system. I doubt the larger rzrs wil have this problem. I decided to call it a day, and after a trip to pick up extra nuts have decided that ill probably end up zip tieing the drivers side on instead of having to tear half the machine apart.

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