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  • Husqvarna 100% Accuri Goggle 2017

    Husqvarna 100% Accuri Goggle 2017

    robert in CA

    to big for airoh helmet

    I have an Airoh Terminator helmet which is very comfortable and is second in light weight only to the Airoh Aviator. The large frame size of the 100% Accuri goggle has a great field of vision and clarity. The problem I encountered is that they don't work very well with my helmet . They push down so far on my nose that they pinch it shut. I had to keep pushing my helmet and goggles up so I could breath. After two rides I switched back to an older pair of Thor goggles and they worked fine also had a pair of dragons that also worked . I read 100% satisfaction guarantee and tried to contact them.Always get the answering machine and never get called back. I have since removed the foam from around the nose pinch since I'm stuck with them. Hope my modification works!

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  • Husqvarna Transparent Rain Jacket

    Husqvarna Transparent Rain Jacket

    Shandy in OR

    Husky Rain Slick

    We received our L and XL clear rain slicks within a couple of days of purchase and were stoked at what we unwrapped seeing that we were riding the following day with rain 100% in our forecast. They seem to fit a little under size but still wore comfortably. My partner remained very dry throughout his ride. I was wearing a hoodie under mine and it was pretty wet out there, so I'm thinking the hood actually absorbed water down through the rest of my sweatshirt, hence a bit on the wet side...I don't think it had anything to do with the rain jacket itself. Ventilation was pretty non-existent, but what do you expect, it's a non-breathable material with a few holes...on the plus side, it was about 45 degrees out so it kept us warm. We rode single track most of the day with quite a few branches and opportunities for a snag, but no rips or tears! Overall, happy riders here! Definitely recommend them!

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  • Husqvarna 100% Racecraft Goggle 2017

    Husqvarna 100% Racecraft Goggle 2017

    Edward in FL

    Made by 100%. Husqvarna Logo Goggles

    Great goggles! Like the Factory Husqvarna Logos. Nose piece for added protection.

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