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  • Maxxis Bighorn Radial Tire

    Maxxis Bighorn Radial Tire

    Carle in CA

    Just a good all around tire

    I have used this on bead locks for rock climbing, sand dunes, general dirt and mud. They have never let me down. The punishment they take is unbelievable. I have had other friends buy tires like the Mongrel and be so disappointed they throw them away. I just stayed with what I considered an all around good performer.

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  • Maxxis Razr II Tire

    Maxxis Razr II Tire

    Tristan in ID

    Very happy with tires.

    Good heavy duty trail tire with great traction.

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  • Maxxis Ceros Radial Tire

    Maxxis Ceros Radial Tire

    LaVern in WI

    Maxxis Ceros Radial Tire

    I have had these tires on my Polaris Ranger for 3 years,and 1400 miles later they show very little wear for running on blacktop roads. They are a smooth riding tire & are wearing evenly.

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  • Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Radial Tire

    Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Radial Tire

    Tim in WI

    Shipping was very fast. So great doing business wit...

    I would highly recommend this product. Great traction. These are a perfect fit for my 2017 Kawasaki Trex4 800le.

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  • Maxxis Roxxzilla Radial Tire

    Maxxis Roxxzilla Radial Tire

    Jason in WY

    Tires are awesome

    Tires are great for climbing, bought them specifically for Moab. As long as they are on dirt tires should last awhile. Took them once on the highway not a good idea. Will buy these again for rock climbing tires stick to rock even when wet. Sidewalls are nice had to reseat bead on rear tire because I pinched it on a big rock, but no punctures, put over 450 miles on them in moab seem to wear nicely except for the 10 miles of highway we had to travel.

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  • Maxxis Liberty Radial Tire

    Maxxis Liberty Radial Tire

    Kyle in AZ

    Great Tire!

    I mainly ride rocky desert trails in Arizona, and so far these tires have handled awesome. They are very predictable, and have great traction over rocks and sand. I was worried how well they would do in sandy conditions, but once they grab, they get up on top of the sand and perform great. I'm not sure how well they would do in the dunes, but for hard pack desert terrain, they work very well, especially for a lighter tire.

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