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  • 6D ATR-1 Tech Helmet

    6D ATR-1 Tech Helmet

    JESSE in OR

    Good Helmet

    Purchased this helmet after much research and coming off of a concussion incident. Like how 6D is pushing helmet design and technology with the ODS suspension. The construction and finish is amazing. Areas that could be improved upon but could just be my head shape... - The fit and comfort takes a little getting used to when compared to the Shoei VFX-W, for me I think is the best. - Cold weather and slow trail speeds the airflow is not the best causing my goggles to fog up fast.

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  • 6D ATR-1 Camo Helmet

    6D ATR-1 Camo Helmet

    jacob in CA

    best product ever

    buy this product. 5 star quality and really cool graphics when you get the helmet. I would recommend this helmet for sure.

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  • 6D ATR-1 Rush Helmet

    6D ATR-1 Rush Helmet

    Richard in TN

    6d helmets

    Looks,and feels great on. Love the new technology

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  • 6D ATR-1 Maze Helmet

    6D ATR-1 Maze Helmet


    Great helmet

    Excellent fit, good ventilation, and its hard to argue with the protection provided by this helmet. Paint work could be a little better though

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  • 6D ATR-1Y Hornet Youth Helmet

    6D ATR-1Y Hornet Youth Helmet

    Neil in PA

    Awesome Helmet

    Best helmet for the best protection at the best price. Rocky Mt ATV ROCKS!!

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  • 6D ATR-1 Chaos Helmet

    6D ATR-1 Chaos Helmet

    Ronnie in NM

    ODS is great

    I have been quite impressed with the helmet so far and have but a few gripes. Lets start with the negatives. The visor isn't very durable. I broke the first ride out. I am pretty sure it was in the get off I had but can't be for sure as I was too preoccupied digging cactus out of my hand for the rest of the ride. It is still holding onto the helmet it is just cracked. Next and this is super minor and won't apply to most but the helmet seems to set against my head behind my ear, ever so slightly. I don't notice this at first but after I have had the helmet on for 6+ hours it starts to hurt a little. Now the positive and the reason we are all looking at these helmets. The ODS works great!!! I came off a rock ledge wrong and somehow managed to head-butt a tree (no additional damage to the visor /shrug, maybe I missed it as I hit with the top of the helmet). While I did hit hard enough to ring my bell, I was only disoriented for a moment, shook it off, and continued on. No headaches later, No damage to the helmet, just a moment of stars. DID I MENTION NO HEADACHE LATER!!! This was the only hard impact I have had in the helmet the rest of the hits have been grazers off of branches (shell is holding up very well). The reason I bought this helmet was for the ODS and I can say that I am quite pleased with it!! This is a very comfortable helmet! Another thing, the venting on this helmet is exceptional, very pleased with this, the helmet does seem to gather quite a bit of dirt/mud/branches inside of it, but can be very easily cleaned out. Would/will purchase again, it was quite the investment but well worth it. Note: using with a Leatt Neck Brace and the two seem to go very well together.

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