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  • 6D ATR-1 Sonic Helmet

    6D ATR-1 Sonic Helmet

    Ron in NC

    Excellent fit, great looking helmet!

    I highly recommend this product for safety and durability. Padding is good and ventilation is good. Hope we don't have to try out it's strength!

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  • 6D ATR-2 Metric Helmet

    6D ATR-2 Metric Helmet

    Clay in TX

    Noggin Protection at it's finest

    This helmet not only protects your head, but I can attest to the fact that the rotational offloading technology protects things like your neck joints. I have a herniated disc and 2 bulging discs in my neck. I cased a blind double jump and ended up flipping over the bike and I actually felt the helmet rotate when I hit. After inspecting the helmet, you could see where the dirt (Mud) gripped into the the fitment area between visor and helmet, yet it did not allow that rotational force to translate down into my neck. Very good Helmet. I recommend.

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  • 6D ATR-2 Circuit Helmet

    6D ATR-2 Circuit Helmet

    Tony in MN

    I'm Sold For Life!

    Crashed hard last week at a indoor supercross style track. I have never hit my head so hard! I even managed to break the visor in several pieces. I had several people come running up to me asking me if I was alright. Asking" is your head ok? I've never seen anyone hit their head that hard" Its 3 days later now and I haven't had a single sign of any head injury. Thank you 6D for making a great product! Worth every penny!!

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  • 6D ATR-2 Sector Helmet

    6D ATR-2 Sector Helmet

    Joseph in CA

    Bell Moto 9 Flex Carbon vs 6D ATR2

    I had a friend get a minor concision after a get off with a Bell Flex. I've been riding and Vet racing with a Bell Moto 9 Flex Carbon for 2 years and started thinking about how much my brain is worth. It got me going researching all the new technology that came out in the last 5-10 years. Of all the research I did I liked what 6D put out as far as really being able to protect the head against minor impacts, as well as major ones. I wear a L and both fit well, however both I had to put 1 size smaller cheek pads to help with the fit. I feel like the 6D is slightly larger than the Bell, but not measurable. The ATR2s outer shell is a bit wider than my Flex and has the chin bar pulled in a bit more. The ATR2 feels lighter than the Flex Carbon on my head, I cannot tell which vents better due to it being winter, and not noticing overheating. I really miss the magnetic cheek pad and chin strap details that the Bell has over the 6D. It takes me at least a minute to install the cheek pads after a was on the 6D vs 2 seconds with the Bell. The 6D came with a nice bag that has a outer pocket for tear offs. As far as comparing the two in a crash, I hope to never. But the research and implementation that 6D has done to test their helmets for real world dirt bike accidents, their concision research, and NFL awards I feel just a bit safer on the track with a 6D vs the Flex. Yes this helmet is expensive, but my brain is worth it.

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  • 6D ATR-2 Aero Helmet

    6D ATR-2 Aero Helmet


    very Nice helmet

    i would recommend this helmet to anyone it fits great and is very lightweight

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  • 6D Youth ATR-1Y Tactical Helmet

    6D Youth ATR-1Y Tactical Helmet

    Gary in Tx

    Best helmet on market

    Absolutely love this helmet fits my son perfectly is extremely comfortable well ventilated and the suspension system provides greatest safety to the head

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