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  • BRP Hand Guard Mounts

    Drew in WA

    nice, but too much $$ for what they are and solves ...

    I prefer to have aluminum bark busters on all my bikes, but I've always hated the inner bar mounts being such a pain to install and keep tight and the aluminum bark busters rotating out of position if I drop the bike. I recently put a BRP sub-mount and Scotts damper on my yz250 and got a set of these handguard mounts to go with it. They are very solid well-made parts. They do solve the problems with bark busters rotating or coming loose, but they aren't perfect. There is little to no adjustability if your bark busters don't fit perfectly. I had to bend my older style Tusk bark busters in a vise to get them to fit and they are still rotated too high on the bars to really protect the levers where I like them but you can't adjust them down much at all. They also cause my bark busters to interfere with the brake master cylinder banjo bolt in the exact position I prefer for the brake lever, so I have to rotate it up or down slightly from where I really would like it to be. Other bark busters with a slightly different shape may solve that issue entirely, but its a bummer to spend so much $$ on the sub mount and these matching bar clamps with integrated bark buster mounting points to now have to go spend more money replacing the bark busters and hoping that the new ones will fit better. And these bar clamps are not cheap for what they are. High quality but expensive.

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  • BRP Threaded Bar End Insert Kit

    Doug in TN

    Rock Solid Solution

    I just finished installing these in my Nekken bar ends. I found that an 11mm high impact socket will drive the tap. Took me about an hour i guess. My bark busters feel rock solid now. This is gonna cure alot of my bark buster blues because i fall ALOT

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  • BRP Pro-Line Chain Guide

    Ryan in WA

    You won't regret this purchase!

    I HIGHLY recommend this! With that said, the reason I gave it 4 stars is.... 1.value ( kinda spendy, but you get what you pay for). 2. Durability (AMAZING). Like TM designs stuff. 3. Installation. (5 min, tops). 4. Fitment. (rides weird with bigger sprocket). I have 52 rear, stock 14 front 5. Performance. (Holds up A LOT better then the metal.) 6. Protection. (Let's just say I won't buy any other.) So 4 stars for lack of fitment with bigger sprocket and price.

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  • BRP KTM & Husqvarna Odometer Relocating Brackets

    Cole in AL


    These work good and get the gauges out from under my bars (I have my bars it the further position and it was covering my gages). Wish they were bigger though. Wish the would have raised and extended more..

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  • BRP Flexx Handlebar Hand Guard Mounts

    JACK in IL

    good mounts

    mounts made by flex to fit their bars fit right and do not hinder the "flex" that makes these bars great

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