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  • Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0 Knee Brace Pair

    Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0 Knee Brace Pair

    Reece in BC

    Asterisk Cyto Cell 2,0

    After using the regular Cyto Cells for the last 5 or so years I bought these ones because the others were getting worn out. The advantage of the 2.0 is once adjusted you just click them together. Rather than the straps wearing out. They have better knee protection then the previous ones too. As for fit, these are the only ones I have tried that fit me best. As for price, what are your knees worth? $6500 for a knee reconstruction last I looked

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  • Asterisk Cell Knee Brace Pair

    Asterisk Cell Knee Brace Pair

    Bryan in SD

    Comfortable & excellent fit

    Tried the Pod K4's and they just didn't fit my body, sent them back and ordered these. I knew within 30 seconds of putting these on they were the ones. Came home during lunch to try these on, didn't use sleeves, and wore them back to work under my work clothes for 5 hrs w/ no rubbing or hot spots. Have used them on a handful of rides this year and after the 2nd ride didn't even notice them. I feel I can grip the bike better with the braces on than without them.

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  • Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace Pair

    Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace Pair

    Richard in CA

    I purchased these to replace my 15 year old Asterisk’s that we’re still doing the job but well worn. The new braces have about four hours of MX on them and are holding up good. They’re much improved over the old brace. Pros: great fit and protection. Cons: most expensive brace on the market, they’re also a little bulky and have to make sure you work your pant all the way over the brace or it tends to pull your pants down. This may not be an issue for some with a stature under 6’

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  • Asterisk Zero G Knee Brace Pant

    Asterisk Zero G Knee Brace Pant

    Wyatt in UT

    A must for Cell braces

    I run medium Cell braces which like to slide down the leg no matter how tight I get them. These are the only solution to keep them in place. They act like a compression pant to keep from getting a rash, but keep in mind that they'll make the braces fit a bit tighter.

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  • Asterisk Banded Undersleeves

    Asterisk Banded Undersleeves

    MIllie in TX

    Asterisk brace guards

    seem to fit a little large and are quite longer than I expected. They seem to be comfortable. Will see how they hold up.

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  • Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace Left

    Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace Left

    Kenneth in Florida

    Best knee protection out....

    These knee braces are worth every penny... if i r starting out n don't wanna have a limp. Save up ur money it's better than surgery or crutches.. they have saved my legs for the last 4 years n giving me a confidence n corners n I have to mention the way u can strap them on n like 2 sec I will say the button take a getting use to pull pants around then not catch on inside pant evening. Don't waste money on anything else...

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