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  • RK 525GXW Gold XW-Ring Road Chain

    RK 525GXW Gold XW-Ring Road Chain

    DANIEL in OK


    Purchased for a 2004 CBR600RR. Its an high quality chain. The master link was included in the box with my chain. Installed with JT front and rear sprockets. After installation I had to adjust the slack after two short rides. This is completely normal from my experiences. It has not moved since. Expensive?=YES Heavy?=YES 25,000 Mile RK Warranty?=YES Worries about chain failure?=NO

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  • RK 520EXW XW-RING Chain

    RK 520EXW XW-RING Chain

    Rick in CA

    Great value

    The chain was a great value for me. It has been very strong without ANY issues.

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  • RK 520EXW Gold XW-RING Chain

    RK 520EXW Gold XW-RING Chain

    Randall in VA

    Best chain on the market

    Replaced chain & sprockets at the sametime. Best chain there is in my opinion. Very minimal stretch on break in , still looks brand new after months.

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  • RK 520 Chain

    RK 520 Chain

    Daniel in GA

    Quality Standard Chain

    Put on my Blaster with 14/41 gears, it came thickly oiled in a sealed bag, w/ master link. Links were well cut, pins were nicely pressed, looks well built. Minimal adjustment was required after run in. Less rolling resistance and easier to maintain than O-ring chains. Expect good life versus over standard chains Great choice for those who need every ounce power to get to the ground.

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  • RK 420MXZ Chain

    RK 420MXZ Chain

    DAVID in PA

    very poor

    very poor chain we are getting two hours on 420 chain and it need adjusted

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  • RK 428MXZ Chain

    RK 428MXZ Chain

    Josh in NM


    Great chain. 1 season in and hasn't shown much wear or stretching.

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