V-Force Dirt Bike Accessories

V-Force Dirt Bike Accessories: Fuel and Air Intake Systems

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  • V-Force 3 Reed Valve

    V-Force 3 Reed Valve

    chris in TX

    Works great in the fitment is good and it made a noticeable difference

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  • V-Force 4R Reed Valve

    V-Force 4R Reed Valve

    Derrick in BC

    V Force 300 xcw

    Put these in with the tusk high compression head. Big big difference. Lots of low end but totally controllable. Running a gear higher with no bogging when in low rpm. I ride single track and luggability is great. Tons of torque. RM shipped fast as usual.

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  • V-Force 3 Replacement Reeds

    V-Force 3 Replacement Reeds

    LARRY in FL


    Always like to replace these when i do a carb rebuild. they are always consistent.

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  • V-Force 4 Reed Valve

    V-Force 4 Reed Valve

    Michael in GA

    Worth Every Penny

    I ride an '07 KTM 250 XC setup for gnarly woods riding. The bike came with a VForce 3 reed block and when I cracked one fo the reeds I upgraded to the VForce 4 on the recommendation of my local KTM shop. Couldn't be happier with it, looking at the picture of the product you'll see the reeds have stoppers/bumpers behind them on this block. That keeps the "flap" within a smaller area and equals faster, crisper throttle response and better bottom end torque. I paired this up with a 13/52 sprocket set and an 11oz flywheel weight and I can pop the front tire over logs, rocks and root faces at will. Buy it, you wont regret it.

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  • V-Force 4 Replacement Reeds

    V-Force 4 Replacement Reeds

    THOMAS in OR

    Time to freshen' up!

    Installed fresh top end, why not new reeds! Installation easy after reading instructions and watching video on YouTube.

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