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  • Watt-Man Thermo-Bob 2

    Watt-Man Thermo-Bob 2

    Ken in UT

    Excellent quality!

    Does what it's designed to do, keeps the temp steady. A couple of installation notes: I did not have to completely remove the tank, just unbolt it. I have Tusk crash bars installed, this made installation of the TB2 a little difficult. I installed it my self, but I'd recommend a friend to help. Don't use a hacksaw to cut the radiator hose... My only complaint is that the Lexan temp overlay should be included at the price. Otherwise I am totally satisfied!

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  • Watt-Man Coolant Temperature Face Overlay

    Watt-Man Coolant Temperature Face Overlay

    Daniel in WI

    It does what Kawasaki should be doing.

    It tells you a little more accurately what your temp is at. I haven't verified the temp to what the overlay says but I will give it the benefit of the doubt and go with it. It pairs perfectly with the watt-man coolant bypass, which I did at the same time.

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