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  • Trail Tech KTM Fan Kit Upgrade

    Trail Tech KTM Fan Kit Upgrade

    Benjamin in CO

    Great upgrade

    If you already have the old style fan kit this is a good upgrade. The unit plugs into 12v and will display either the bike's battery voltage or engine temp. It also automatically back lights when the engine is running. You can also select which temp you want the fan to come on and off. The temperature sensor is also better; it uses a dry thermal sensor in the radiator fins instead of a wet mechanical switch in the lower hose. Must have for single track / technical riding.

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  • Cycle Logic Engine Ice

    Cycle Logic Engine Ice

    David M in VA

    Cycle Logic Engine Ice

    Seems to do the job as advertised

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  • Devol Extreme Radiator Guards

    Devol Extreme Radiator Guards

    CRAIG in PA

    radiator guards

    these are a must have , they strengthen up the radiators and protect them from roost and brush

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  • Pro Honda HP Coolant

    Pro Honda HP Coolant

    JOHNNY in CA

    First time

    This will be my first time using this product. Will update later.

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  • Yamaha Radiator Fan Kit

    Yamaha Radiator Fan Kit

    Troy in UT


    This is a must have for the FX bikes. It keeps the bike cool even when going slow in tight single track. These bikes are prewired for this fan so you just bolt it on and plug it in.

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  • Flatland Racing Radiator Guards

    Flatland Racing Radiator Guards

    CHRIS in OH

    Nothing better

    I have ridden my 450x all over the country and have had some pretty hard crashes and these have held up great. I bought mine years ago direct and now see RM finally have them available. You can't tell from the picture but they create a triangle of support that will withstand anything short of running your bike off a cliff. They are all one solid piece and not pieced together like the other brands. You do have to trim your plastic a little to get them to fit properly. But nothing a razor knife can't handle.

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