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  • Tusk Winch with Wire Rope and Mount Plate

    Tusk Winch with Wire Rope and Mount Plate

    John in MD

    Good Winch poor instructions on electrical installa...

    This seems to be a fine winch, well made and good fit overall but the way everyone avoids telling you where to hook in the ignition on only wire in is ridiculous. I know people don't want to be responsible for someone frying his electrical system but if you are going to sell the winch you should be prepared to give good instruction on how to wire the thing. Just as a note, the service manager at the dealer where I bought it didn't know what he was talking about either so I guess you have to give the retailers some slack, but that doesn't make it any easier on the consumer.

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  • Tusk Winch with Synthetic Rope and Mount Plate

    Tusk Winch with Synthetic Rope and Mount Plate

    Devin in WI

    Very good

    Very easy to install, only hard part is figuring out the where to wire the wires, otherwise, really love the product

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  • Tusk Rubber Winch Cable Stop

    Tusk Rubber Winch Cable Stop

    Mike in ID

    cable stop

    Needed this in a hurry. Of course RMATV is always great for that. Product is what was expected

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  • Polaris Pro HD Winch with Mount Plate

    Polaris Pro HD Winch with Mount Plate

    Elijah in ME

    tree polling out of diches

    the only thing I would say that the winch work and all that I just need to say that the cable is not long although for the jobs I do I tried ad a extend cable on to it but it still didn't work

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  • WARN® Winch Hook Bump Stop

    WARN® Winch Hook Bump Stop

    Tony in WV

    Warn Bump Stop, no, seriously....

    The WARN Winch Bump Stop is so much more than a "Anti-rattle" for your winch hook, It's Bling for your ride. No more running the cable up and over the front of your ride hooked to the bumper or rack, (unless you're one of those who tread deeper than you should on a regular basis and always fail at your exit plan). It attaches quickly and looks more rugged than a tennis ball. Really though, it does what it is designed to do, keeps the strain off your winch drum and protects the fairlead

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  • WARN® Winch Replacement Cable

    WARN® Winch Replacement Cable

    Bruce in NY

    Excellent Replacement Cable

    I would recommend the purchase of this cable to anyone who need to get ride of an old cable that keeps breaking.

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