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  • Clarke Fuel Tank

    Clarke Fuel Tank

    Dominick in NV

    yamaha yz125, it's alright...

    This gas tank did what it was made to do, ride longer! But this tank has some issues, ive been running mine over a year and you HAVE to REPLACE the petcock o'ring that seals the petcock to the tank... This tank is also quite bulky. It's not major, but you can deffently feel it compared to stock, I have a lot found that it is not balanced very well either.... very top-heavy instead of being more centered. This tank is very durable, Launched my bike 20 feet through the air hitting a jump wrong and held up good, also have had some gnarly wrecks in rocks and sagebrush and other and its help up pretty good. it fits both stock plastics, cycra, and polisport plastics no problem... If this tank was slimmer, and balanced better than I would give it a 5 out of 5 but since it has these issues, I give it 3 out of 5. PS they need to add a reserve as a lot of fuel gets trapped on the right-hand side. There have been times where I literally needed to turn my fuel off, and lay my bike down and tip it to get the trapped fuel on the other side.....

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  • Clarke Free Flo No Slop Top

    Clarke Free Flo No Slop Top

    Evan in UT

    Good product!

    Works great and looks good too! I never expected to get compliments on such a small part but I hear it all the time out on the trail!

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  • Clarke Fuel Tank (NO CA)

    Clarke Fuel Tank (NO CA)

    Thomas in PA

    More fuel more fun

    Get fit and great quality, love the add fuel capacity when I’m racing, more fuels means less stopping to refuel

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  • Clarke Replacement Gas Cap

    Clarke Replacement Gas Cap

    Paul in CA

    excellent oem replacement

    The replacement cap fits perfect and does not leak. It was exactly what I needed

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