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  • Clarke Fuel Tank

    Clarke Fuel Tank

    BRET in CO

    Fitment on 2003 KTM 300 EXC

    In the past, I have had the IMS 3.2 gallon tanks. Those fit with no issues. However, this Clarke version was a royal PITA to fit. The petcock position needs to be turned 90 degrees to fit the hose easily to the carb. As is, the hose must bend very tightly. I tried several ideas, but finally used some Motion Pro hose I had that would make the bend without kinking. The next issue is fitment of the kick starter lever into the gap provided on the tank. Regardless of how I adjusted the lever position, it did not fit seamlessly. It works, but should be better designed for a seamless fit of the lever into the slot on the tank. Fitment of the seat once the tank is installed was another issue. I had to make adjustments to the seat brackets to get it to fit at the rear where the seat bolts go in. You'll note I made no evaluation of the durability. My tank came with what appears to be a gouge in the area where the petcock mounts. I check it for leaks with water, but had yet to put fuel in it or ride it with the tank. So, if that turns out to be a crack and leaks, I'll be sending this tank back for a refund and by an IMS instead.

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  • Clarke Free Flo No Slop Top

    Clarke Free Flo No Slop Top

    Evan in UT

    Good product!

    Works great and looks good too! I never expected to get compliments on such a small part but I hear it all the time out on the trail!

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  • Clarke Fuel Tank (NO CA)

    Clarke Fuel Tank (NO CA)

    Thomas in PA

    More fuel more fun

    Get fit and great quality, love the add fuel capacity when I’m racing, more fuels means less stopping to refuel

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  • Clarke Replacement Gas Cap

    Clarke Replacement Gas Cap

    Paul in CA

    excellent oem replacement

    The replacement cap fits perfect and does not leak. It was exactly what I needed

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