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Latest Cycra Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Cycra Powerflow Intake Radiator Shrouds

    Kennedy in CA

    This is awesome!

    I do not like the air boxes on the ‘17 YZf/fx bikes. Those grommets over the shroud are a pain. This completely throws that out the window. These shrouds mount up where the old ones go and the red fins pop onto anchors already in the air box. So it’s completely reversible. Install was any enough and now the bikes is definitely getting more air. So far it seems to take in about as much dirt as the old box. One minor gripe I had as the use of hex key bolts to keep the new air box cover in place. I liked the quick twist of the stock box but couldn’t make them work with this new box. Not a huge deal but still have to take an extra 30 seconds to get the tool and make sure I have a 4mm hex with me on rides. Last part is the performance. So far it seems to be doing really good. I really can’t speak for the technical stuff yet since I have one ride on it at a state park. That said when you get up in the mid to upper rpms it’s definitely sucking in more air. You can’t ignore the noise when you pulling a hill. Makes it sound deeper! That said I might have to remap it a little bit because it doesn’t seem to want to idle initially without the choke. After a few seconds it seems fine but something I noticed. It could be old gas that I’m trying to flush out despite using stabilizer. Other than that I’m absolute happy with this upgrade. For the price it’s totally worth it. Especially if you don’t like the air box on these Yamahas. I know I’m much happier on my ‘17 250 FX. Also on a side note it really does slim down the sides. Like noticeable if you’re standing behind it. This didn’t effect me on the trail but still impressive how much they shaved off. And a last note: some of these pictures make it look awkward and bulbous near the filter. Just bad pictures. It looks almost completely stock and doesn’t stand out funny or anything. Happy trails!

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  • Cycra Replica Plastic Kit

    Matthew in SC

    Wouldn't recommend

    Kinda disappointed in the quality on these. The support lines show thru on the face side of the plastic. These lines can be seen through my graphics. Not cool.

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  • Cycra Handguard U-Clamps

    Joel in NB

    Cycra clamp

    Work really good Definitely need those too instal your cycra handguard correctly I like them a lot

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  • Cycra Probend Bar End Set

    Clarence in ID

    Moving Handguards to new bike

    Cycra Probend Bar End set - Worked great for moving the Pro Bend Handguards to the new bike. Best price on RMATV

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  • Cycra Stadium Number Plate

    Josh in PA

    Great fitment and easy to install to change the loo...

    Awesome upgrade that can change the looks of your bike and I highly recommend

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  • Cycra Mud Flap

    Jowensedy in Distrito Nacional

    Best Quality

    To keep my shock free of mud and this one is the best in quality.

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