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Latest Cycra Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Cycra Fuel Tank Cover

    Wayne in GA

    Looks great

    Fitment was good and came with both pieces. Easy to install. Predrilled holes. The finish was very nice as well.

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  • Cycra Ultra Probend CRM Complete Racer Pack 1-1/8" Bars

    George in ID

    Easy installation. Pricey though.

    I picked up a set of these hand guards after breaking a few of the flag type guards. I am just getting into riding, and my friends all have the full wrap around on their bikes. They do quite a bit of forest riding and recommended I get these. The installation was pretty straightforward and simple in my opinion. I put them on a 2017 Yamaha YZ250F. I had just replaced my grips with Odi V2 lock ons which made removal of the grip ends for this task a bit easier. There are a few different settings for the guard bars and clamps to align insecure on the bike handlebars. I have read that some people had issues getting the clamps and bars to secure to each other flat. I however, did not have that problem and would recommend leaving all hardware loose until you figure out where everything aligns for a tight and flush fit. The tab side corner for my number plate had to be modified, others’ may not have this issue. You bar pad most likely will need to be modified as it will no longer fit over where the new clamps are. Cycra Gives a part number and description of a new bar pad that is compatible for the CRM type system. Nonetheless, when I reached out to Cycra, they claimed the item is not available yet, although they do advertise it in their installation guide video. So until that part is available, some cutting of the foam and cover will need to be implemented if you want the pad back on the handlebars, in which case I personally do. These are pretty expensive items for what they are made to do. I guess if they prevent damage to levers, and you dump your bike frequently like I tend to do, then they probably will pay for themselves.

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  • Cycra Handguard U-Clamps

    Brett in PA

    Good clamps

    Purchased these to go with my cyrca probend hand guards, went on with ease and seem to be great quality. Would recommend to use some felt on the inner edge to not scratch the handlebars.

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  • Cycra Probend Alloy Bar Pack Handguards

    Brett in PA

    Look good, good quality

    Very easy to install and look great too. Got these for my 250x and they look great. I can’t wait to rest them out this spring.

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  • Cycra Powerflow Complete Body Kit

    Mike in MI

    Keep your old plastics or buy something else.

    If cycra products were half the price of acerbis, polisport or ufo they would be overpriced. First experience was with hand guards and they’re garbage got changed out for Enduro Engineering. Second experience is with the plastics kit. The fit is poor and the finish might be worse. For a company that charges more than competitors, you’d think you’d get uniform holes at the very least. Front fender drags on my radiator braces and the right shroud sits on my pipe. (300 XC). Wouldn’t recommend to a friend.

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  • Cycra Tri-Flow Front Disc Cover Mounting Kit

    Dean in CO

    Missing Top Mounting Bolt

    Missing top mounting bolt, other than that solid parts from Cycra. Just hopping I can find another bolt to finish mounting the part.

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