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Latest Cycra Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Cycra Classic Enduro Replacement Handshields

    Gage in WV

    Nice guards

    Really like the Cycra probends, had a bad crash and broke the left one, easy to replace just the plastic guard.

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  • Cycra Powerflow Intake Radiator Shrouds

    JOSEPH W in CA

    Cycra Radiator Shrouds

    They fit and look awesome, Highly recommend, it takes a little shaving inside the shroud if you have radiator braces.

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  • Cycra Handguard U-Clamps

    Reese in KY

    Better but still don't fit pro taper evos the best

    Better than the other clamp that come with the package deal but still don't clamp good on the pro taper Evo bars got em all the way tights and there is a slight gap better clamp and bar. At least with this styler clamp u got more room for ur controls and I didn't have to trim my bar pad any

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  • Cycra Full Armor Skid Plate

    Kenneth in WA

    Great product.

    Great fitment and coverage. Easy to install and not thin and flimsy. Makes rising in woods feel a little more at ease.

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  • Cycra Probend Alloy Bar Pack Handguards

    Reese in KY

    Good but cycra could do better thread the aluminum

    I've had a set before and was pretty happy , think I had them for like 7 yrs before they got to bent to fix. This newer set however is seems like the didn't drill the holes out right or shape the plastic pieces right. Idk why cycra doesn't finish putting them together if they did they'd understand don't line up right and they need the thread the holes in the aluminum or provide better screws cuz 2 of mine snapped off in the aluminum and I had to drill them out how stupid. The longer clamp style works better with a pro taper bar pad or a factory bar pad but they still don't conform to my pro taper Evo bars the best there is a gap around the ring clamp

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  • Cycra Rebound Handguard Racer Pack

    Thomas in MA

    Stronger than you would think

    Unbelievably strong for a flag style handguard. Replaced my full wraps since I was sick of the deflection off trees. These flex just enough to protect your hand while having some give to absorb some impact.

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